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The Punch Out is your daily anti-capitalist news hit. Everything you need to know in 15-to-20 minutes, delivered daily, Monday-Friday at 5pm. Host Eugene Puryear breaks down what's in the headlines, what's behind them and what's not there but should be. It's a mix of analysis and reportage that's all you need on your way home, or wherever you find yourself at 5pm ET.

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On the Ground in Brazil: Post-Election Analysis | Special Episode

For this special episode of The Punchout, we are republishing the one-hour Twitter Space that Eugene hosted live from Brazil on Monday morning. Eugene answers questions from BreakThrough's Rania Khalek and other BT followers about how Brazilians are responding to the first-round election results.


 October 5, 2022  1h2m

The For-Profit Pri$on Racket

On Today’s Episode of the Punch Out:Private Prisons in the US


 September 14, 2022  9m

The Fed Wages Class War

On Today’s Episode of the Punch Out:Rate-hikes and recessions


 September 13, 2022  10m

Midterm Battle Looms Large in US

On Today’s Episode of the Punch OutThe US Midterms After Labor Day


 September 12, 2022  9m

Biden’s Bogus “Safety” Plan

On Today’s Episode of the Punch Out:Biden’s Law and Order Politics


 September 9, 2022  10m

Why US Workers Want Unions

On Today’s Episode of the Punch Out:Why US Workers Want Unions


 August 31, 2022  7m

Climate Crisis Hits Pakistan

On Today’s Episode of the Punch Out:Massive Floods in Pakistan


 August 30, 2022  9m

War Erupts in Ethiopia

On Today’s Episode of the Punch Out:War Grips Ethiopia


 August 29, 2022  13m

Heatwave Hell

On Today’s Episode of the Punch Out:Hellacious Heatwaves: Here to Stay


 August 24, 2022  10m

What Do The Russians Think About the War?

On Today’s Episode of the Punch Out:Russian and Ukrainian Views on the War


 August 23, 2022  9m