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episode 17: S02E17: Reketta Peterson - Revolutionizing healthcare practice for minorities... all the way from Alaska~

When most of us think of exceptional thought leaders driving an agenda of inclusiveness and trying to force the medical establishment to be better, do better, and treat better - especially those who come from minority groups we don't usually picture a fierce Black woman, who is a health practitioner in Alaska.  Heck, most of us probably didn't realize there ARE Black women in Alaska (with right around 3% of the Alaskan population being Black there is a reason for that)...


 2022-04-25  49m

episode 16: S02E16: Tasha Sattler - Creating wearable art for movement artists

What is art?  Do you think of paintings?  Sculpture?  Art takes so many forms and functions within our community and means different things to everyone.  Beautiful, hand-crafted functional things like jewelry, ceramics, and textiles hold a special place as art that we can engage with everyday...


 2022-04-18  53m

episode 15: S02E15: Cryptopher Robin & Defi Fry - Crypto currency without the spam or scam

These days it feels like spam messages selling crypto currency is the new, ubiquitous Nigerian prince or penis enlargement scam.  Dozens of these messages a day - and it doesn't stop with email.  LinkedIn is flooded with the fraudsters.  At the same time, crypto exchange is very real and very lucrative if done correctly.  Companies like Coinbase are helping to bringing these opportunities to the mainstream...


 2022-04-11  1h1m

episode 14: S02E14: Shannon MacFarlane - Helping families face loss and embrace joy one photograph at a time.

Finding ways to cope with loss and, most especially, the impending death of a loved one is a challenge that everyone must learn to combat in their life.  These last few years we have all had to find new and creative ways to grieve and prepare for that change. Shannon MacFarlane photographs individuals, families, and pets in these intimate, vulnerable moments.  Finding the glimpses of joy and moments of laughter is her specialty...


 2022-04-04  55m

episode 13: S02E13: Dr Danny Brassell - Helping parents get kids hooked on books.

If you grew up in the 80's or 90's in the US you probably have fond memories of LeVar Burton reading you books, and chasing "butterflies in the sky".  The love of reading and books was then, probably, backed up at school with the chance to earn a FREE (tiny) personal pizza at PizzaHut by reading a certain number of books.  Kids loved it. Today Reading Rainbow is off the air, and has been since 2006, and there is no more "pizza for reading" program...


 2022-03-28  53m

episode 12: S02E12: Morgan Rockwell - Healing and helping today with ancient wisdom.

Every year fertility rates are declining, especially in the most developed countries.  Birth rates are lower, and more and more couples are turning to fertility medicine like IVF.  The process is stressful, expensive, and emotional.  For  many it is simply outside of what they can afford, or manage within their lifestyles.  Morgan Rockwell offers a different approach.  Her techniques and treatments come from ancient Oriental Medicine...


 2022-03-21  51m

episode 11: S02E11: Kristy Sumner - She ain't afraid of no ghost.

Have you heard strange noises in the night?  Heard voices of people not there? Felt a chill and a sudden change in temperature?  Kristy Sumner has.  The team at Soul Sisters (and yes, they are sisters!) travels around investigating rumors of hauntings and looking for clear, scientifically reliable evidence of spectral manifestations.  They have found... a LOT.  Is it all irrefutable guaranteed to convert anyone? Nope - and that may be one of the best parts...


 2022-03-14  53m

S02E10: Mara Girone - Creating business creating beauty.

Mara Girone has lived around the world - from Athens, to Mexico, London, and more.  She's started successful business, raised a family, and created a line of beautiful, wearable art.  In this interview she talks about all of those things.

Here's Mara in her own words:

I am Mara.

My passion for the beauty and diversity of our world has taken me from Italy to Mexico to Portugal then Greece, to working and raising my family in London...


 2022-03-07  58m

episode 9: S02E09: Ilke Demir - Paving the way for the future of women in science!

Even in 2022 women in science are ridiculously rare.  Less than 30% of the world's researchers are women.  The impact that this overwhelming bias has can be felt across sectors from the lack of focus on women's health, or reproductive issues, to the algorithmic biases found in AI that has been developed overwhelmingly by men...


 2022-02-28  49m

episode 8: S02E08: Dr Tamara Beckford - When saving lives isn't enough, so you save mental health, too.

We've had a lot of amazing people on this podcast. CEO's, philanthropists, innovators, business gurus, etc. Everyone of them has been exceptional in some way or another. Then there's Dr Tamara Beckford. A woman who is exceptional in EVERY way. She job is literally saving lives all day every day (actually all night...) as an ER doctor. She's also hilarious, and kind. She's a great mom, sister, and friend...


 2022-02-24  1h4m