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KissFAQ discussion board members get together to discuss various KISS-related topics on a regular basis

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Ep.115 - KISS' Opening Acts, 1975-80

Julian, Ken, and Mark look back at some of the acts that have opened for KISS, during the 1975-80 period, and who they feel was the best match; and bands that might have been even better pairings for the same tours. What do you think?


 2017-03-17  1h27m

Ep.116 - Demon Cats

This week, Lonnie, Julian, Ken, and Mark discuss which Peter Criss performance they'd most love for his final ever performance. The main topic of the episode is an evaluation of Gene Simmons' first proper solo outing, the highs 'n' lows... Some audio/video for this episode is from Rob Lovash's youbube videos. Thanks Rob - check out his vids by searching YouTube for Gene Simmons 2017...


 2017-03-24  1h33m

Ep.117 - Calling Universal

This week, Julian, Ken, and Mark discuss some of the recent bootleg leaks, choose our standout 2017 Record Store Day release picks, and choose our top three KISS special edition releases that need to be done for KISS ALBUMS and/or video, regardless of the possible futility!


 2017-03-31  1h10m

Ep.118 - FAQ'ing Off

This week, Julian, Ken, Alex, and Lonnie dive into some of the ups and downs on the KISSFAQ message board and cherry-pick some of the topics to discuss.


 2017-04-07  1h11m

Ep.119 - STLGENE/Double Platinum @39

This week, Julian, Ken, Mark, and Lonnie dig into Lonnie's encounter with a solo Gene in St. Louis and revisit Double Platinum as it celebrates its 39th birthday.


 2017-04-14  1h17m

Ep.120 - A Purrfect Farewell...

This week, Julian, Mark, Lonnie, and Jarid (acecarr) consider how they'd like to see the Catman make his final farewell, and the set list they'd love to hear performed...


 2017-04-21  1h14m

Ep.121 - KISS Rocks Reno Review...

This week Lonnie and Julian deconstruct KISS's recent visit to Reno, where Julian attended the meet and greet and show, with a multimedia packed episode...


 2017-04-26  1h48m

Ep.122 - KISS, Hotter Than Helsinki!

Lonnie, Ken, Mark, and Julian discuss the start of KISS's 2017 European tour and are joined by Alain, fresh from seeing the band in Helsinki...


 2017-05-05  1h1m

Ep.123 - Revenge Silver Anniversary

Lonnie, Ken, Julian, and Mitch Lafon revisit Revenge as it celebrates its 25th anniversary. What makes it special for them and possibly what they'd like were Universal to decide to make it special with an expanded issue...


 2017-05-12  1h6m

Ep.124 - Best KISS 1-2 Album Opening Punches...

Ken, Julian, Alex, and Mark dig into some of the best 1-2 punches to have opened KISS studio albums and which they think were the best. And those that could have been better...


 2017-05-19  1h8m