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KissFAQ discussion board members get together to discuss various KISS-related topics on a regular basis

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Ep.231 - Darling Nikki & Ol' Timers...

Ken, Julian, Alex, and Lonnie, discuss several KISS current affairs including Nikki Sixx's transparent media leg-humping of KISS, new merchandise, and communications in the ol' days...


 2019-02-22  1h17m

Ep.232 - Living in Sin (again)...

Julian is joined by Andy Moyen and Jeff Hopkins, organizers of the KISS Kruise IX "living in sin" event to be held at the Port of Miami Holiday Inn prior to the sailing of the 2019 Kruise. Also detailed are couple of pre-show fan meet-ups organized for the Boston and New York City "End of the Road" stops...


 2019-03-01  50m

Ep.233 - Special Guest: Tom Jermann

Alex and Lonnie are joined by graphic designer and art director Tom Jermann from t42design who has worked on numerous KISS projects -- from the 2001 KISS Box Set through to the End of the Road tour book. Tom gives a fascinating insight into a often under-appreciated but highly visual side of music business!


 2019-03-03  1h21m

Ep.234 - KISS KruiseFest Guests for Miami!

Julian is joined by Joe D'Angelo, one of the promoters of the 2019 KruiseFest, a two day event being held in advance of the KISS Kruise IX. Joe announces several special guests who will be present at the event, hotel deals, and even a KISS concert meet up event being hosted in New York City. For more information, please visit


 2019-03-04  28m

Ep.235 - (Not) The End of the Rant

Julian, Ken, Daniel, and Mark discuss the new KISS dolls, whether the End of the Road tour excitement is waning and if the $200 million figure quoted as a possible tour gross seems realistic, how KISS should celebrate their 50th anniversary, and more!


 2019-03-08  1h13m

Ep.236 - Focusing on "Dressed to Kill"

Lonnie, Julian, Mark, and, Ken dig into the "Dressed to Kill" with their memories of discovering this album, the singles culled from it, and the KISSFAQ panel rankings of the songs...


 2019-03-15  1h21m

Ep.237 - Blown off the stage?

Ken, Mark, Lonnie, and Julian discuss whether they think Motley Crue blew KISS off the stage in 2012, if there is too much pyro being used on the current tour, and MORE!


 2019-03-22  1h7m

Ep.238 - Wars & Offending People

Ken and Julian pick some topics from the board including offending people, Motley Crue's "Dirt" biopic in relation to KISS, and whether KISS are doomed!


 2019-03-30  1h5m

Ep.239 - Ack! In The New York Groove...

Nigel and Julian recount their adventures in New York City, the sites and experiences, and the KISStoric congregation at the mighty Madison Square Garden!


 2019-04-03  1h16m

Ep.240 - Interview with David Garibaldi

Julian is joined by End of the Road opening act performance painter, David Garibaldi, to discuss his art, passion, and the road!


 2019-04-03  26m