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KissFAQ discussion board members get together to discuss various KISS-related topics on a regular basis

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Ep.251 - Trigger Happy!!

Celebrating the anniversary of the "Love Gun" album, Ken, Lonnie, Mark and Julian dissect the album song-by-song to determine the show's favorite and least favorite songs on the album.


 2019-06-14  1h21m

Ep.252 - Bogart at Midnight & More!

Julian is joined by Daniel, Ken, and Andrew, to discuss some topics from the board including album covers they'd change, current tour fuss, and the possibility of a Neil Bogart biopic finally happening!


 2019-06-21  1h8m

Ep.253 - What if...

Julian is joined by Lonnie, Ken, and Andrew, to discuss some "what if" scenarios that they'd like to explore, Ace putting the gloves back on, and more...


 2019-06-28  1h2m

Ep.254 - Let Freedom Rock

On this July 4th gathering, while celebrations of a different kind of rockets' red glare and bombs bursting in air are taking place, Julian, Lonnie, and Daniel discuss KISS outside in Trondheim and the reaction to their KISS obsessions...


 2019-07-04  1h7m

Ep.255 - Songs You're Sick of and More

Lonnie, Ken, Julian, and Mark, go to the board to discuss some recent topics including songs you like but are sick of seeing in the set list, classic/iconic KISS songs you don't like, whether "Revenge" has aged well, and more...


 2019-07-12  54m

Ep.256 - Hair Metal KISS, Grunge KISS, Concept KISS...

Ken, Julian, Mark, and Lonnie go to the board to discuss some recent topics including preferences for grunge or hair metal KISS, whether any other KISS albums could be classified as concept albums, and more...


 2019-07-19  53m

Ep.257 - Rockin' & Poddin' In Nashville: Chris Czynszak

Julian is joined by Decibel Geek Podcast co-host Chris Czynszak to discuss that show, the 2019 Nashville Rock 'N' Pod Expo in Nashville on August 10, pink guitars and more! This is an audio only episode with a few audio glitches at the beginning, so my apologies. For more info, please visit


 2019-07-25  44m

Ep.258 - KISS Symphony Revisited & Board Topics

With the recent release anniversary of "KISS Symphony," Ken, Mark, and Daniel revisit that topic and discuss some board topics...


 2019-07-26  44m

Ep.259 - Random Topics From The Road

Julian's mic picks up the air-conditioning he couldn't hear behind him while wearing headphones, but he and Mark discuss a bunch of topics from the board...


 2019-08-02  59m

Ep.260 - Fav Podcasts, Guilty Pleasures and More ...

While Julian is in Nashville for the 2019 Rock 'N Pod Expo, Daniel, Mark, and Lonnie get together to discuss some of their favourite podcasts, their musical guilty pleasures, and more! If you have a Q for Toby Wright, who Julian will be interviewing, please let us know by Saturday 8/10 AM! Apologies again for the substandard audio quality on the last episode.


 2019-08-09  1h7m