Podcast Pontifications

Where plenty of podcasts about podcasting (PAPs) tell you what to do, Podcast Pontifications gives you what to think about in podcasting. These daily, insightful forward-looking episodes have one central tenet: Podcasting needs to be made better, not just easier. Designed for the working podcaster, these short-form episodes get you thinking about the future of podcasting and how you can better prepare yourself -- and your shows -- for the future. The goal is simple: help you develop critical thinking skills needed to make the best future-proofed podcast you can with the tools of today. Plus a few sneak previews of what might be coming tomorrow.This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podsights - https://podsights.com/privacy


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Season Three Starts Now!

What can you expect from Season Three of Podcast Pontifications with me, Evo Terra? The format is strikingly familiar to Seasons One and Two. Each episode is a short-form, deep-dive into a single topic of importance to every working podcaster. These are future-forward topics that help make podcasting better. But for this season, I get a little more philosophical and high-minded. A bit more intellectual, without being pretentious. At least I hope...


 2020-07-05  1m

episode 1: How You Can Exploit Podcasting's No-Code Future

The “no-code” revolution is changing the digital economy right before our eyes. Here’s how a similar “no-waveform-manipulation” approach to how we make podcasts & episodes can (will?) change podcasting forever.


 2020-07-06  9m

episode 2: Is Podcast Listening Too Big Of An Ask?

Given what we know about how people use the internet, it’s surprising podcasting works at all. Or perhaps explains why, for many struggling shows, it doesn’t. Today, it’s about trust, timely data, or infotainment.


 2020-07-07  9m

episode 3: Restructuring Your Podcast To Be Advertising-Friendly

Advertisers big and small are taking a fresh look at podcasts of all sizes. Some producers who never considered offering sponsorships are getting requests. A few simple tweaks to your processes can make these money gifts easier to handle.


 2020-07-08  9m

episode 4: It's Time To Address Podcasting's Facebook Problem

Facebook has become an invaluable tool and resource center for many podcasters. But Facebook’s tarnished underbelly is coming under scrutiny, and future increased blowback could negatively impact your podcast.


 2020-07-09  9m

episode 5: Is Pandora Stitchering A Sirius Podcasting Strategy?

The podcasting buying spree continues, and this time its SiriusXM (Pandora) with the open-checkbook, gobbling up Stitcher’s three podcasting business arms and causing a lot of puzzled looks from analysts and pundits alike.


 2020-07-13  9m

episode 6: Improving Your Podcast's Acquired Taste

Podcast investments are on the rise, and scouts are on the hunt. Not just for shows and talent to acquire. But for other assets you might own that give them leverage. Here are a few things to consider before they show up on your door with bags of money.


 2020-07-14  9m

episode 7: The Future of Closed Captions May Look Like Podcast Karaoke

Legally-mandated closed captioning - not transcripts - may soon be coming to podcasting. The technology to enable this already exists. And it might usher in a re-imagining of what we used to call enhanced podcasts.


 2020-07-15  8m

episode 8: The Inevitable Dismantling Of Podcast Directories

Even though millions of people manage to find something to listen to, podcast directories kind of suck for most podcasters. Making them suck less might lead to a massive shakeup in the podcast ecosystem.


 2020-07-16  9m

episode 9: The End of Podcasting's Direct-Relationship Model Is In Sight

“Own the relationship!” is practical podcasting advice that works today. But it might not tomorrow in a world with less guesswork about what people want from their podcasts.


 2020-07-20  9m