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Discussing political philosophy, current events, activism, and the inevitable historical downfall of capitalism from a revolutionary leftist perspective.

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Lyndon LaRouche: A Warning & Lesson For The Communist Left

from joins Breht to talk about the life, political theory, and legacy of Lyndon LaRouche. In our own time we see LaRouche-type deviations manifesting on the so-called socialist left, and by studying LaRouche and his movement, we can better comprehend...



Red Hot Shot: Equality of Opportunity Vs. Equality of Outcome

Liberals of all stripes will argue that they support equality of opportunity, NOT equality of outcome... unlike those damn commies. What are we to make of this argument? Support Rev Left Radio: 



Red Hot Shot: From Each According to Their Ability, To Each According to Their Needs

"From Each According to Their Ability, To Each According to Their Needs" is still the best standard for the possiblity of a just, equitable, civilized society.  Support Rev Left Radio: 



MAGA Communism: Opportunism, Social Chauvinism, and Terminally Online Tailism

Alyson and Breht reflect on the recent online stir caused by "MAGA Communism" and analyze the ideas of some of its main represenatives and proponents.   Together they discuss and clarify core marxist concepts, criticize and explain the...



Papa & Boy: Children, Parents, and the Cruelties of Class Society

Shawn and Aaron from Srsly Wrong join Breht to discuss their brand new animated series exclusively on , "Papa & Boy". Topics discussed included 90s cartoons, themes of class and hierarchy in Papa & Boy, childhood from the child's perspective, the...



The Worker's Front of Ukraine (ML) on the Russian-Ukraine War

Breht is joined by members of the Workers' Front of Ukraine - a Marxist-Leninist organization based in Ukraine. We discuss the ongoing war in Ukraine, the impact of the war on Ukrainians, the Maidan Coup of 2014, the size and role of fascist and...



Teachers Under Attack by the Far Right: The Gabriel Gipe Interview

Former high school teacher, Gabriel Gipe, joins the show to tell his story of being set up and targeted by the right-wing organization Project Veritas, the subsequent relentless harrassment of him and his family by conservative news outlets, fascist...



Che Guevara: Revolutionary Hero (Life, Legacy, and Theory)

This is the audio from a full video put out by Paul Connolly over at the YouTube channel "Marxist Paul" on the life, legacy, and theory of Che Guevara. Watch the full video here: Check out Paul's channel: Learn more about POLICOMM: Follow Politics...



Teaching the Actuality of Revolution: Unlearning, Aesthetics, and the Sensations of Struggle

returns to the show to discuss his upcoming book "Teaching the Actuality of Revolution". Topics discussed include: Marxist pedagogy, sensory perception, education, Althusser, Marx and Engels, ideological struggle, aesthetics, and much more! Learn...



GH Teaser: Booker Omole (Communist Party of Kenya) on China and Africa

Breht askes Booker Omole from the Communist Party of Kenya about China and its role in Africa; particularly as compared to the United States and Europe. Listen to the Full Episode by subscribing to Guerrilla History on your preferred podcat app, OR...


 2022-08-31  7m