Shirtloads of Science

Dr Karl’s a curious optimist – a great combination for a science lover. Join him and his guests for weird facts, amazing conversation and remember, it’s never too late for a happy childhood.

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episode 12: Squeezing Stars with Prof Geraint Lewis part two

It's part two of the Neutron star exploration with Professor G. Lewis. He takes Dr Karl layer by layer down to the core. Things are so squashed in there that quantum physics takes over. Escape from the lockdown inside a star where things go subatomic....


 April 26, 2020  22m

episode 13: The Cosmic Revolutionary's Handbook Or How to Beat the Big Bang

Or How to Beat the Big Bang


 May 3, 2020  19m

episode 15: When Stars are born, they Shake

Dr Simon Murphy explains to  Dr Karl the extraordinary behaviour of a star in the early stages of life.  Observed only recently, it widens our understanding of new stars.  


 May 17, 2020  21m

episode 16: Covid 19's chemical enemy

A-Prof Alice Motion explores the chemistry and properties of the 29th element for Dr Karl.  This persistent contact killer is amazingly passive (nothing else is needed). We've known of its benefits for thousands of years and yet chrome, plastics...


 May 24, 2020  22m

episode 17: Covid-19 - Viral History withProf Eddie Holmes

Virology and evolutionary biologist Professor Eddie Holmes takes Dr Karl time travelling to visit a deadly virus. Many of today's treatments took thousands of years to develop.  Smallpox proved to be a tough virus to manage but it also taught us...


 May 31, 2020  20m

episode 18: Covid-19 - The Numbers with Prof. Eddie Holmes

Pandemics are complex so we rely on statistics to manage them. So how come the numbers vary so much around the world? Dr Karl asks Virology Professor Holmes why and also discovers which local factors also affect Covid-19 statistics.  Australia's...


 June 7, 2020  18m

episode 19: Covid-19 - The Tests with Prof Eddie Holmes

Lockdowns are a rational first response to a pandemic but what happens while we wait for a vaccine or treatment to be developed ? Dr Karl joins Prof Holmes in Part 3 of this series looking at Covid-19 tests. What is the difference between them ?...


 June 14, 2020  23m

episode 20: Cosmic Rays with Dr Jessica Bloom

They're Cosmic ... but are they Rays ? Dr Karl gets the briefing from a recent University of Sydney astrophysics graduate, Dr Jessica Bloom. Cosmic Rays were found ages ago and still baffling us with more questions. Dr Jessica and Dr Karl go to the...


 June 21, 2020  20m

episode 21: Prof. Anita Ho-Baillie and Perovskite Solar Cells

Solar PV Panels have transformed our energy mix in the 21st century. Efficiency is up and costs and carbon emissions are lower.  What next ? Imagine a solar film that squeezes 10% more out of the sun ? Professor Anita Ho-Baillie walks Dr Karl...


 June 28, 2020  22m

episode 22: The concept of Proof with Professor Geraint Lewis

What does "proving" a theory  really mean ? Is there a difference between Scientifically proving or proving it Mathematically ? Dr Karl and Prof Geraint Lewis discuss the meanings of these ideas and how they are applied today. From pandemics to...


 July 5, 2020  17m