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episode 255: A Conversation on Intimate Direct Democracy w/ Modibo Kadalie & Andrew Zonneveld

A fascinating, wide-ranging discussion with Modibo Kadalie and Andrew Zonneveld, Author and Editor of ‘Intimate Direct Democracy’ covers many topics from the importance of directly democratic history, archeology, and technology to the...


 2022-04-23  2h11m

episode 254: No Bosses & Participatory Economics W/ Michael Albert

Imagine a world without bosses! The Wrong Boys speak to Michael Albert, author of “No Bosses,” about Participatory Economics, democratic workers councils, fair job complexes, and the process of building a participatory...


 2022-04-13  1h50m

episode 253: Why IQ is Bullshit

IQ demolished. Definitively. Goodbye IQ. You’re not real. Brain numbers are a foolish undertaking, tied to unimaginable suffering and horror. You are not science. Bye bye. Theme Song by Harpers of the...


 2022-04-01  1h38m

episode 252: The Indigenous Paleolithic of the Western Hemisphere W/ Dr. Paulette Steeves

This week on the show, the Wrong Boys speak with Canadian Cree-Métis Archaeologist Dr. Paulette Steeves about the evidence for peopling of the Americas, going back at least 60,000 years, but as...


 2022-03-25  1h17m

episode 251: Racism, Not Race (w/ Joseph L. Graves & Alan Goodman)

This week the Wrong Boys are joined by Joseph L Graves Jr and Alan H Goodman to discuss the pseudoscientific concept of ‘biological race’ and it’s very real roots in colonial racism....


 2022-03-09  1h38m

episode 250: Interview: Emily Drabinski for ALA President

This week, Shawn interviews leftist candidate for President of the American Library Association Emily Drabinski about the role, her goals in office, and labour issues facing Librarians today. Emily’s website:https://www.emilydrabinski.


 2022-02-25  41m

episode 249: SRSLY WRONG LIVE! (teaser)

This is an edited down version of the live variety show we held in discord on Jan 25, 2022. If you want to hear the whole episode, or join us for the...


 2022-02-17  18m

episode 248: Not a Nation of Immigrants (w/ Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz)

We are joined by historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz to discuss her new book, why America is not ‘a nation of immigrants’, and how this feel-good liberal mythos, created by JFK and exemplified in...


 2022-02-07  1h47m

episode 247: Boycotting Monopolies, Selling Out, and Changing Things From the Inside

This week, the Wrong Boys team up with the crew from Thiiird Waves to think together about the complexities of workplace and income dynamics and radical politics, touching on the ethics of...


 2022-01-06  1h47m


Are human beings innately special little angel babies? “Deep Down” are we good or evil? What does the corrupting influence of power have to do with it? Should we tell loving lies?...


 2021-12-22  17m