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PREVIEW: Denialism and Fascism w/ Pavlos Roufos

Continuing our discussion from the main episode, we go deeper into the denialism mess with Pavlos and ask ourselves what COVID and society's response might tell us about a possible revolutionary horizon. How do approach the real issues in the world without seeing like a state? We also discuss a second article written by an Italian collective, Wu Ming, that has a different take on the backlash against mandates: https://illwill...



Ep 169 - Living in Denial w/ Pavlos Roufos

The gang is back with returning guest, Pavlos Roufos, for a spicy discussion about ever-contentious pandemic politics and how the left should relate to it:

Why has SARS-COVID 19 and the state response to it caused such an uproar in parts of Europe and the United States? What contradictory functions does the capitalist state perform in class society, and how has this led to disaster? What is the attraction of denialism among the populist right and, increasingly, parts of the left? Is...



Real Praetorian Hours (Preview)

We continue our discussion on the J6 "insurrection" with a reading of a NYT piece about a shadowy rightwing group you may not have heard of... likely because it's all a grift.

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song: John Cale - Praetorian Underground



Ep 168 - Happy Birthday, Bay Of Chuds

On the one-year anniversary of the media spectacle that was the Jan 6 Capitol Hill 'insurrection,' the Antifada crew look back on what happened on that fateful day, how it compared to the George Floyd uprising, what's going on with liberal democracy, and how the anti-capitalist left should relate to all of it.

Outro song: Sick of it all - Insurrection

Fundraiser for families affected by Bronx fire:



Talkin Tina 6 - The Boric Pickle

After the election of self-described libertarian socialist Gabriel Boric, we talk to Isabel from the Valparaiso anarchist assembly and Rara Senal anarchafeminist podcast network about the election, constitutional referendum, and what, if anything, these things have to do with the massive uprising in Chile in 2019. We also discuss the relationship of indigenous groups to the new constitution, the status of political prisoners, and the many riot dogs (and other animals) of Chile...



Armed Love 2 - Acid Fascism w/ JG Michael (Part 2 PREVIEW)

We continue our discussion of Mindfuckers: The Rise of Acid Fascism with the story of the Lyman Family--a folk music collective turned into a creepy cult of astrology-obsessed devotees to a toothless harmonica-playing manchild. Afterwards we discuss cults today--why they are so intriguing in popular culture yet seem to be on the decline. Finally we talk about acid. If it's a CIA psyop, does that mean we shouldn't take it?

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Armed Love 2 - Acid Fascism w/ JG Michael (Part 1)

Were the Manson and Lyman families apocalyptic cults, misunderstood revolutionaries, or media distortions created to delegitimize the revolutionary communalism of the '60s? Parallax Views host JG Michael joins us to discuss Mindfuckers: The Rise of Acid Fascism, a collection of early-'70s Rolling Stone Magazine articles, to ponder cultism, psychedelic culture, hippy racism, The Beatles, and much more.

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 2021-12-22  1h1m

Diving Into the Wreckage w/ C. Derrick Varn (pt 1)

A new special collaboration series for VarnVlog and Antifada patrons featuring Sean and C. Derrick Varn...


 2021-12-15  1h11m

Take This Job and Reddit w/ Vladimir Lootin

A conversation about r/antiwork with @highriselowlife. Where did it come from? Why does it appeal to people? Is it the antidote to culture war? Will it organize a revolutionary general strike?

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Song: Johnny Paycheck - Take This Job and Shove It


 2021-12-10  5m

Ep 167 - Srsly Chuang

Along with Red May and History Against Misery we interview communist collective Chuang about their new book the Social Contagion (sort of). Expanding on the 2020 essay about the origins of the pandemic in China, the anonymous collective living in and outside of China uses on-the-ground interviews, reports and analysis to show the fragile reality between China's authoritarian Marxist facade...


 2021-12-08  1h6m