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Going Ewok Mode


Sean and Andy talk about their "jobs", an architectural controversy at Cooper Union, the war in Ukraine, the apparent resurgence of Stalinism, and Defend the Forest/Stop Cop City in Atlanta.

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Good articles about Tortugita the struggle in ATL: https://www.rollingstone...



Antifada's History is a Weapon 15: On the Labor Question w/ Matt Christman EXTENDED PREVIEW

In light of the depressing denouement of last year's railroad conflict, Sean and Matt sit down, in person at last, to discuss the deep history behind how American organized labor got so disorganized and why the labor movement hasn't moved in decades...



Ep 203 - Literacy is Overrated w/ Ian Svenonius (preview)

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Ian Svenonius is a rock singer (Nation of Ulysses, The Make-Up, Chain and the Gang) turned critic, filmmaker, and now turned Marxist polemicist with his new book Against the Written Word...



Classploitation cinema: The Menu w/ Twitch of the Death Nerve (PREVIEW)

Andy guests on a weird films podcast and forces them to talk about Marx and revolution for an hour. Movies discussed include: The Menu, Triangle of Sadness, Sorry to Bother You, Young Karl Marx, The Spook Who Sat by the Door, Don't Look Up, Snowpiercer, Tar, Spirited Away by Agnes Varda, and much much more

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Diving into the Wreckage 7.1: First Principles w/ C. Derick Varn EXTENDED PREVIEW

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Taking a break from the ongoing debt crisis analysis, Sean and Varn lay out a series of first principles...



Ep 202: 2023 and Me (First Half)

We ring in the New Year by answering all the questions posed to us on our Discord! Topics include: the terminal crisis of capitalism, pushing Biden to the left, Brenner's recent NLR article, John Brown, animal testing, ecosocialism, and of course, what is to be dun.

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Brenner dust-up:



 2023-01-04  1h9m

Ep 201 - New Years' Eve Dérive w/ Eric-John Russell (first half)

Old friend Eric-John Russell wanders with us through a variety of topics including critical theory of art and culture, the maturation and end of the Situationist International, and traditional holiday discussion of antisemitism.

After the paywall we talk about Triangle of Sadness and Walter Benjamin's Emergency Brake, and if George Costanza is Jewish.

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 2022-12-28  1h6m

Talkin' Tina - The Cuban Uprising of J11

For the 7th episode of Talkin' Tina, the Antifada side project where we discuss the history and politics of America Latina, we chat with a comrade from Oakland about the uprising that occurred in Cuba on July 11th, 2021, via his interview with an anarchist from the island.

The interview can be read in full here:

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 2022-12-21  1h2m

Diving into the Wreckage 6.4: Sometimes the Light at the End of the Tunnel is a Train w/ C. Derick Varn EXTENDED PREVIEW

Sean and Varn take a brief intermission from their long-running debt crisis series to check in on the state of the American Left. (Tl;dr it's not looking good...


 2022-12-14  1h4m

Ep 200 - Hans-Hermann Coppe

It's an unhappy 200th birthday for us, we do a post-mortom of the little rail strike couldn't...


 2022-12-07  50m