Citations Needed

Citations Needed is a podcast about the intersection of media, PR, and power, hosted by Nima Shirazi and Adam Johnson.

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Episode 101: The False Universality of “Common Sense”

“145 CEOs Call On Senate To Pass 'Common-sense, Bipartisan' Gun Laws,” NPR states. “Local Democrat pushes back on NY bail reform law: It's about 'common sense,' not politics,” a Fox News headline reads. “The Only Thing More Dangerous Than...



Episode 100: Willie Hortonism 2020 - Media Attacks on Prison Reform

Since the rise of Black Lives Matter and a broader cultural awakening in the United States of just how wildly out of whack, cruel and hyper-punitive our criminal legal system is, modest reforms began to emerge across the United States. The lowest...



Episode 99: The Cruel, Voyeuristic Quackery of Rehab TV Shows

Over the last 20 years, the topics of substance use and treatment have become the stuff of televised entertainment: heart-wrenching stories of desperation and redemption, of suffering and survival. Shows like A&E’s Intervention and VH1’s...



Episode 98: The Refined Sociopathy of The Economist

From its inception as agriculture trade paper in 1843 to the present day, The Economist has provided a gateway into the mind of the banking class. Something of an anomaly in the publishing industry, The Economist is not quite a magazine, not quite a...



Episode 97: Porch Pirate Panic and the Paranoid Racism of Snitch Apps

Everywhere we turn, local media — TV, digital, radio — is constantly telling us about the scourge of crime lurking around every corner. This, of course, is not new. It’s been the basis of the local news business model since the 1970s. But what...


 2020-01-15  1h24m

Episode 96: The Christian Cinema-GOP Persecution Complex

The last two decades have seen the release of a number of explicitly Christian movies which tell stories of believers navigating the trials and tribulations - both literal and figurative - of a perceived non-Christian world. In this universe,...


 2019-12-11  1h22m

Episode 95: The Hollow Vanity of Libertarian "Choice" Rhetoric

“'Right-to-work' means freedom and choice,” a Boston Globe op-ed explains. “As housing costs rise, some people are choosing to live on the road instead,” a Fox Business headline states. “If your insurance company isn’t doing right by you,...


 2019-12-04  1h0m

Episode 94: The Goofy Pseudoscience Copaganda of TV Forensics

Since the early 2000s, a spate of forensics-focused TV shows and films have emerged on the pop culture scene. Years after Law & Order premiered in the '90s, shows like CSI, NCIS, and The Mentalist followed, trumpeting the scientific merit of...


 2019-11-27  1h3m

News Brief: A Conversation With Indigenous Media Resistance on Mauna Kea

In Ep. 90, "How Western Media's False Binary Between 'Science' & Indigenous Rights Erases Native People," we explored the ways capital-S "Science" has been wielded by those in power to erase Native people and culture around the world. Our...


 2019-11-20  37m

News Brief: Bolivia Coup Coverage and the Limits of 'Agency' Discourse

In this News Brief, we discuss the battle over whether or not to call what happened in Bolivia a "coup," and the problem with the always popular, slippery evocation of "agency."


 2019-11-15  24m