The Black Myths Podcast

The Black Myth Podcast is an informative conversational show analyzing popular myths about Black culture of a sociopolitical nature. Translation: We debunk the bs said about Black People. Host - Too Black. Co-hosts - Shelle, Terrell, Kam, and Ryan.

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Myth: Tough on Crime

In this episode we cover the myth of "tough on crime." Utilizing the work of civil rights lawyer and author, Alec Karakatsanis, we explore how the tough on crime policies fail on their own premise and are therefore not not met to solve the needs of...



Myth: Afrocentricity = Pan Africanism Pt. 2 (w/ Dr. Layla Brown)

In this episode, we continue with our conversation on the Kwame Toure vs Molefi Asante debate. We look into modern times to discuss the recent Pan-African Summit in Ghana and how it stands up to Nkrumah's version of Pan-Africanism. We also do a brief...



Myth: Afrocentricity = Pan Africanism (w/ Dr. Layla Brown)

For this episode, we examine the distinctions between Afrocenticity and Pan-Africanism that are often conflated as one and the same with our guest Dr. Layla Brown. Dr. Layla Brown is a member of the All African People’s Revolutionary Party-GC...


 2023-02-22  1h46m

Myth: Patrice Lumumba Was Assassinated Because He Was a "Communist" Pt. 2

For part two, we cover the events after Congolese Independence including mutiny, Belgian occupation, the U.N., and most importantly CIA meddling that led to the assassination of Lumumba.   White Malice ...


 2023-01-29  1h59m

Myth: Patrice Lumumba Was Assassinated Because He Was a "Communist"

In this episode, we investigate the assassination of the late Patrice Lumumba. Patrice Lumumba was a leader of the Congolese movement for independence from Belgium and subsequently became the first democratically elected prime minister of the country....


 2023-01-17  1h41m

Black Myths in Review 2022

We review the myths we covered throughout the year 2022.  An extended version of this conversation exists on our Patreon


 2022-12-30  1h1m

Laundering Black Rage w/ The Malcolm Effect (Crossover Episode)

This is a special crossover episode with The Malcolm Effect hosted Momodou Taal. BMP Host Too Black was interviewed by Momodou and ME special host Deej about his 2 part essay "Laundering Black Rage." The essay was discussed prior on BMP on our...


 2022-12-23  51m

Myth: Haiti Needs [MORE] Foreign Military Intervention Pt. 2 (w/ Dr. Jemima Pierre)

For part 2, we continue our sit down with Dr. Jemima Pierre investigating the situation in Haiti. In this episode we delve into the so-called "gang activity" in Haiti, leftist governments who have failed Haiti, the Global Fragility Act, and what is to...


 2022-11-25  1h7m

Myth: Haiti Needs [MORE] Foreign Military Intervention (w/ Dr. Jemima Pierre)

For this episode, we sit down with Dr. Jemima Pierre to discuss Haiti and its history of foreign intervention. Dr. Pierre explores the historical foundations that led to the influx of "gangs" in Haiti that the UN and US is now attempting to exploit as...


 2022-11-18  1h5m

Myth: Profiting Off Black Death Pt. 2

For part 2, we delve deeper into part 2 of co-host Too Black's essay, "Laundering Black Rage." We cover the three phases in which Black Rage is laundered to serve white capital via the state. We explore how the tragedy of Black Death is used to funnel...


 2022-10-28  2h0m