The East is a Podcast

A critical lens on the history of the present on West Asia and North Africa. Interviews with experts and archival mashups. Created by Sina Rahmani (twitter: @urorientalist)

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William Blum, Rogue

William Blum was one of the most critical voices in the US media sphere. After leaving behind a lucrative career with the State Dept in 1967, he began writing about the disastrous consequences of US foreign policy.  Here is a short conversation...


 2018-12-20  34m

The Tasks of Indigenous Translators w/ Nikki Hessel

Lessons from indigenous translations of British Romantic literature


 2018-12-14  45m

 2018-12-11  44m

Yemen and the Problems of Empire w/ Isa Blumi

is Associate Professor in the Department of Asian, Middle Eastern, and Turkish Studies at Stockholm University. He holds a PhD in History and Middle Eastern/Islamic Studies from New York University and a Master of  Political Science and...


 2018-12-09  1h3m

The Indefatigable Robert Fisk

“Goodbye, Mr Sykes! Adieu, Monsieur Picot!’ How the ISIS ‘caliphate’ frightens the Middle East – and us." (2015)


 2018-12-07  47m

"Here, we drown Algerians!" - On Yasmina Adi's "Ici on noie les Algériens" (2011)

On Yasmina Adi's "Ici on noie les Algériens" (2011)


 2018-12-05  24m

The Edward Said Mixtape (Vol. 2) - Said clashes with Lewis & Huntington

While they may not be household names, Bernard Lewis and Samuel Huntington can justifiably count themselves among the most influential academics of the last few decades. As the Cold War was winding down, the two men helped manufacture one of the...


 2018-12-03  1h7m

Postcoloniality, Marxism, Nasserism w/ Sara Salem

Sara Salem is Assistant Professor in Sociology at the London School of Economics. Sara's research interests include political sociology, postcolonial studies, Marxist theory, feminist theory, and global histories of empire and imperialism.  ...


 2018-11-30  1h7m

On the concept of Brownness (approximately) w/ Manu Samriti Chander

Manu Samriti Chander is Associate Professor of English at Rutgers University-Newark. He holds an MFA from the University of Michigan and a PhD from Brown University. His first monograph,  (Bucknell, 2017), examined the appropriation of...


 2018-11-29  37m

Gayatri Spivak "Inside Saudi Arabia" (1980)

Interview with Alternative Views hosted by Douglas Kellner and Frank Morrow


 2018-11-23  1h5m