The Science of Social Media

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episode 175: Why social commerce will rule social media in 2020

What will the future hold for social media? 

We have a pretty good guess that social commerce will play a large role. From Instagram Checkout to Pinterest Shop the Look - and everything else in between - the social networks have commerce on their roadmaps. Expect to see a lot more of it in 2020, and get your brand and business prepared today with our episode all about social commerce...


 2019-12-02  12m

episode 174: The Complete, Actionable Guide to Marketing Personas

Marketing personas are the foundation that holds your strategy and messaging together. 

This week's episode will give you some insight into the persona process that will hopefully kick start your social media strategies for 2020. 

If you’re not in planning mode yet, then hopefully this gives you some inspiration on where to start...


 2019-11-25  12m

episode 173: Brand Secrets for Standing Out in a Crowded World

We live in a world of infinite supply…

The secret to standing out is to have a brand that your customers connect with and care about deeply.

In today’s world, brand is often the only differentiator between your business and your competitors. So in today’s episode, we'll show you how to build a brand! Hear the best tips and strategies from the people behind some of the biggest brands out there -- Sweetgreen, Pattern Brands, and more...


 2019-11-18  12m

episode 172: BFCM: Last-Minute Black Friday + Cyber Monday Marketing Ideas for Social Media

The biggest retail dates of the year are just around the corner. Do you have your social media marketing ready?

In this episode, we'll share some of the trendiest marketing ideas for Black Friday + Cyber Monday, including flash sales, messenger marketing, and UGC. We’ll cover a host of new ideas, tips, and tactics that can help you boost your already-planned campaigns or give you some inspiration for an upcoming piece of content...


 2019-11-12  12m

episode 171: A Crash Course in Building Custom Audiences for Your Social Media Ads

When you want to get your message in front of the right people on social media, where do you turn? 

More and more, brands and businesses are turning to social ads and custom audiences...


 2019-11-04  12m

Bonus: Introducing Buffer’s new podcast series 'Breaking Brand'

On this special episode of The Science of Social Media, we’re introducing you to a new podcast series from Buffer. It’s called 'Breaking Brand' and it charts the journey of Pattern Brands, a family of brands designed to help you enjoy daily life, from idea to launch.

Over the past decade the Pattern Brands founding team has helped to launch over 50 businesses — creating over $15 billion in market value...


 2019-10-31  2m

episode 170: 9 Social Media Goals You Can Set for Your Business (and How to Track Them)

The thing we love most at Buffer is to help you succeed at social media. And a key part of social media success is knowing which goals and targets to set for your team.

Without goals, it’s hard to know exactly how well your social media strategy is performing and where you need to iterate to continue moving forwards.

Today we’d love to share with you a bunch of super-actionable social media goals you can use to help your team achieve great things...


 2019-10-28  13m

episode 169: The Keys to Epic Engagement on Social Media

Social media engagement seems like a slam dunk strategy. Everyone should be doing it, right? But it certainly comes with its blind spots and questions...


 2019-10-22  11m

episode 168: News Roundup: The Future of Facebook, Pinterest's Latest Changes, the Most Popular Stories, and More

As always, a ton is happening in the world of social media, and it can be hard to catch every story.

So we want to highlight some of the biggest news items from recent weeks that might impact your social media marketing.

We’ll touch on Facebook’s most recent product changes and strategic plans, how Pinterest continues making splashes with its business and shopping features, and the latest data on social media trends and usage...


 2019-10-14  12m

episode 167: How to Schedule Instagram Stories (Plus 10 Ideas for What to Make Next)

Where can you practice storytelling in front of an audience of 500 million? Instagram Stories, of course.

Instagram Stories are empowering marketers to tell better and deeper stories about our brands. There are some fantastic examples of great Stories out there...


 2019-10-07  12m