WARTIME: A History Series

Discussing a wide range of topics, WARTIME seeks to fill the void between objective academic discussion and casual, carefree history. Drawing on the latest scholarship and welcoming highly original interpretations, WARTIME pushes the boundaries of traditional history by bringing it directly into the public forum for all to share. WARTIME is published weekly.


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episode 44: BPA S02E03: Washington’s Blunder: The Battle of Brandywine, 1777

On September 11th, 1777 George Washington's Continental Army was all that stood between Philadelphia and the British Army. Understanding that a great stand would be ...


 2018-01-24  53m

episode 43: BPA S02E02: The Burning of Hannastown: Frontier Apocalypse

Known as a bastion of independence on the American frontier, the Scots-Irish city of Hannastown was considered a vital target of Pro-British forces during the ...


 2018-01-13  55m

episode 42: BPA S02E01: The Whiskey Rebellion

In the decade after the American Revolution farmers on the western frontier rose up in rebellion against the new federal government. Believing themselves to be ...


 2018-01-08  58m

episode 41: BPA S01E08: The Philadelphia Nativist Riots

In 1844 the city of Philadelphia exploded into violence and chaos. With recent Irish immigrants coming to America by the tens of thousands each year, ...


 2017-11-06  54m

episode 40: BPA S01E07: Escape from Gettysburg, the Battle of Monterey Pass

In July of 1863 the Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia attempted to escape Pennsylvania after their defeat at Gettysburg. Moving through a narrow ...


 2017-10-30  58m

episode 39: BPA S01E06: The Heroes of Flight 93, September 11th, 2001

On September 11th 2001, United Flight 93 out of Newark, NJ was hijacked by four Al-Qaeda terrorists. After the World Trade Center and Pentagon were ...


 2017-10-21  59m

episode 38: BPA S01E05: The Burning of Chambersburg, Civil War

On July 30th, 1864 a Confederate force under the command of Brigadier General John McCausland captured the city of Chambersburg, PA. A year after the ...


 2017-10-16  56m

episode 37: BPA S01E04: The Siege of Fort Mifflin, American Revolution

From September to November of 1777, the British Navy besieged the Patriot post of Fort Mifflin. As the British fully occupied the city of Philadelphia, ...


 2017-10-09  46m

episode 36: BPA S01E03: Flames Beyond Gettysburg: The Burning of the Columbia Bridge, Civil War

On June 28th, 1863 as Confederate forces marched toward Gettysburg, they first tried to cross the Susquehanna River. To do so, rebels under the command ...


 2017-10-02  55m

episode 35: BPA S01E02: The Battle of Lake Erie, War of 1812

In 1813 the paltry American navy squared off with the British navy on the Great Lakes. Lead by Oliver Hazard Perry, the Battle of Lake ...


 2017-09-25  59m