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Aggressive Negotiations: A Star Wars Podcast is the home of the Parsec Award winning show that ponders the deep meanings and intricate workings of the Saga. It's nothing but pure Star Wars goodness each week!

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Issue 029: That's the Back Story?

Star Wars is a rich tapestry populated by interesting characters with deep back stories. At least, we think it might be. With a plethora of characters and concepts, and media to transmit their stories, one of the great mysteries of the new map...


 2016-08-24  41m

Issue 028: Rebels With a Cause

We pitched theoretical television shows, so let's look at what Lucasfilm has on the way in reality. Disney and Lucasfilm launched the animated show *Star Wars Rebels* with the hopes of luring in old fans and a new audience eager for adventures in a...


 2016-08-16  30m

Issue 027: The Star Wars Show (Pitches)

In a short while, on a television very near you... Disney and Lucasfilm have fired up the imaginations of fans yet again with the promise of a live-action television show set in the Star Wars galaxy. Immediately we wonder, when it will be set and...


 2016-08-09  31m

Issue 026: Revenge of the Score

The Revenge of the Sith soundtrack. As the prequel trilogy came to a close, John Williams delivered a linchpin score to tie together six films, and a single story, stitched together over the span of three decades. Revenge of the Sith promised what...


 2016-08-02  34m

Issue 025: Firing the Canon

But is it Canon? A question that consumes franchise fans, and especially *Star Wars* fans, is the authentic and official nature of non-film works. The religious term adopted for these works is “canon,” the concept of an essential text that is...


 2016-07-27  31m

Issue 024: Better Call Saw

Better Call Saw Saw Gerrera! Who is he, and why is it so important to fans that he's appearing in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story? In this episode, we lay out the origins of Saw, what themes his character supports, what his inclusion could mean for the...


 2016-07-20  35m

Issue 023: Give Clone Peace a Chance

Give Clone Peace a Chance. The conflict that is the pivot point for all of the Star Wars is the Clone War, the culminating battle between Good and Evil with heroes determined by a point of view. It is the point around which an entire galaxy spirals...


 2016-07-12  36m

Issue 022: 8-Bit Jedi

Issue 22: 8-Bit Jedi John and Matt revisit their pixelated polygon dreams in this issue, discussing the history and the present of Star Wars video games with an eye toward what could work for the future of the franchise. Learn a little bit more about...


 2016-07-05  41m

Issue 021: Directing Revenge

Issue 021: Directing Revenge Continuing their series examining the direction of the Prequel Trilogy, John and Matt ask each other who, if not George Lucas, would have been well-suited to directing Revenge of the Sith? What could a different director...


 2016-06-28  37m

Issue 020: Living in Star Wars

The many places of the Star Wars galaxy. The rich tapestry of Star Wars has always been woven between fantastical places and planets. So project yourself into that place, and ask yourself if there’s somewhere you’d like to live. What jumps to mind,...


 2016-06-21  39m