Missing Frames: Catching up with Cinema

No more excuses! Join these heroic podcasters as they plunge the depths of cinema to watch all the movies they should have seen long ago. From classics like Citizen Kane to fan favorites like The Princess Bride, your hosts seek to not only make up for their years of cinematic ignorance but to delight the masses with their thoughtful and entertaining examinations.


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Episode 86 - Hamilton

Shawn and Sarah have never seen Hamilton. They haven't heard the soundtrack. They barely know the REAL Alexander Hamilton story. So, to celebrate the 4th of July, they decided to check the original Broadway performance out on Disney Plus. Did it make...



Episode 85 - The Seven Year Itch

DISCLAIMER: We ran into some audio issues in the first part of the show. These are cleared up in the post-viewing portion of the episode. Thanks for bearing with us! We love you! Carley Cooper returns to continue educating Shawn in the ways of...



Between Takes 0.31 - The Jaws Franchise

Shawn, Brad and Aaron join forces once again to take on yet another franchise. This time, they've watched all four Jaws movies and have reunited to discuss their (potentially shocking) opinions and ratings. Be sure to check out the Missing Frames...



Episode 84 - West Side Story

Tricia Aurand of the Lessons from the Screenplay team returns to Missing Frames to introduce Shawn to West Side Story. This seminal 1961 musical, co-directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins, won the Academy Award for Best Picture and paved the way...


 2020-06-07  1h26m

Between Takes 0.30 - Catching Up with Natalie Metzger

Shawn catches up with Natalie Metzger, the producer behind such films as Thunder Road, Greener Grass and the upcoming features The Werewolf, Werewolves Within and The Beta Test. Natalie discusses the unique challenges presented by COVID-19 and how her...


 2020-05-27  27m

Episode 83 - Forbidden Planet

Darren Moser returns to Missing Frames to introduce Shawn to the seminal science fiction classic Forbidden Planet, starring Leslie Nielsen and Robby the Robot, directed by Fred M. Wilcox. This landmark film paved the way for big budget sci-fi, proving...


 2020-05-24  1h3m

Episode 82 - Vertigo

This week, Richie Pepio returns to Missing Frames for his first viewing of Alfred Hitchcock's seminal classic Vertigo. But what happens when you know a film is widely considered a classic and a masterpiece, but it just doesn't click with you? Despite...


 2020-05-10  1h14m

Episode 81 - Clue

Carley Cooper returns to Missing Frames for her first viewing of Jonathan Lynn's 1985 comedy Clue. While the film was a box office dud, in the years since its release it has become something of a cult classic, but does its reputation hold up for...


 2020-05-03  1h9m

Episode 80 - The Seventh Seal

Brad Gullickson returns to Missing Frames to help Shawn celebrate the 80th episode. This time around, they watch one of Shawn's favorite films, The Seventh Seal. Brad has never seen it before. In fact, Brad has never seen a single Ingmar Bergman...


 2020-04-19  1h14m

Episode 79 - Taxi Driver

Alex Calleros of the Lessons from the Screenplay team joins Shawn for a viewing of Martin Scorsese's breakthrough classic Taxi Driver. Alex and Shawn discuss their opinions on Scorsese's filmography, why Taxi Driver is Shawn's favorite Scorsese film...


 2020-04-05  1h13m