Missing Frames: Catching up with Cinema

No more excuses! Join these heroic podcasters as they plunge the depths of cinema to watch all the movies they should have seen long ago. From classics like Citizen Kane to fan favorites like The Princess Bride, your hosts seek to not only make up for their years of cinematic ignorance but to delight the masses with their thoughtful and entertaining examinations.


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Episode 132 - The Warriors

After years of trying to get his wife Sarah to watch Walter Hill's cult classic The Warriors, Shawn finally succeeds. Does it live up to Sarah's expectations? HOSTS Shawn Eastridge Sarah Eastridge



Episode 131 - Thief

This week Shea Weekley, a first-time Missing Framer, joins Shawn for their first viewing of Michael Mann's debut feature Thief starring James Caan. Along with their thoughts on the film and whether it holds up to its classic status, Shawn and Shea...



Episode 130 - The Straight Story

Special guest Brad Gullickson returns to Missing Frames to help Shawn celebrate episode 130 with Brad's first time watch of David Lynch's G-rated Disney film The Straight Story. Shawn and Brad discuss why this masterpiece has gone overlooked for far...


 2023-02-19  1h25m

Episode 129 - Darkman

Actor Matthew Schott returns to Missing Frames to introduce Shawn to Sam Raimi's Darkman. Despite being a massive Raimi fan, Shawn has never seen this bonkers cult classic. He and Matthew discuss the film's troubled production, Liam Neeson's...


 2023-02-05  1h23m

Episode 128 - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

First time Missing Framer Alex Minovici joins Shawn for her first-ever watch of the beloved Michel Gondry/Charlie Kaufman masterpiece Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. At nearly 20 years old, this beautiful film has lost none of its power to...


 2023-01-22  44m

Between Takes 0.55 - The Franchyze Boyz Review The Predator Series

The Franchyze Boyz kick off 2023 with a rewatch and ranking of the Predator film series. From McTiernan to Trachtenberg, Shawn, Brad, and Aaron ain’t got time to bleed as they get to the chopper that is these wacky and occasionally brilliant films....


 2023-01-08  1h38m

Episode 127 - Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Missing Frames celebrates the 40th anniversary of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan with Ambre Trujillo's first-ever viewing. Ambre has always enjoyed Star Trek, but hasn't seen many of the episodes or any of the films. She and Shawn discuss her first...


 2022-12-18  1h36m

Episode 126 - Tootsie

A few years after Carley Cooper introduced Shawn to the 'GREATEST COMEDY OF ALL TIME' Some Like It Hot, the pair reunites to watch the '2ND GREATEST COMEDY OF ALL TIME' Tootsie. Is it really as funny as its esteemed reputation suggests, and why...


 2022-11-06  1h26m

Episode 125 - The Fog

John may be a massive John Carpenter fan, but he's never seen Carpenter's 1980 Halloween follow-up The Fog. He and Shawn discuss their first viewing of this horror favorite and whether it's a great Carpenter film or more of a stepping stone to bigger...


 2022-10-23  51m

Episode 124 - Hocus Pocus

Back in 2018, Alexis Bethea joined Shawn and Sarah for a discussion about Shawn's first-ever viewing of beloved Halloween favorite Hocus Pocus. Now, four years later, the three of them reunite to watch its long-awaited sequel. HOSTS Shawn...


 2022-10-09  42m