Ask the Podcast Coach

Dave Jackson has been helping people launch podcasts since 2005 and every Saturday he is joined by Jim Collison to is runs the Average Guy Network. Together they have 20 years of podcasting experience and coaching.

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episode 328: Where Can I Find You? Your Website is...

Jim and Dave Bring Clubhouse into the Mix and this is the hardest question


 2021-01-16  53m

episode 327: What's The Deal with the Clubhouse App?

Dave and Jim get a new perspective on the new Clubhouse App and bid farewell to a long time listener.


 2021-01-10  52m

episode 326: Someone Stole My Podcast Idea - Now What?

Dave and Jim talk to some nervous wanna be podcasters and get them moving forward. 


 2021-01-03  53m

episode 325: Are People Steeling Your Content?

Today Dave and Jim answer your questions and Jim noticed a new "copyright" area of Youtube. BND explains some news ways to get sued, and in the post-show we hear why you shouldn't quit your show for 18 months, and what steps you should take to get...


 2020-12-27  53m

episode 324: The Impact You Have On Others

Glenn the Geek was near death, and his supporters came out to let him know how much they appreciate him.


 2020-12-19  59m

episode 323: The 12 Best Podcasting Practices of Christmas

Today we are talking holidays and best practices and new audio apps.


 2020-12-12  56m

Are You Bored With Your Podcast Format?

Every week Dave Jackson from the and Jim Collison from answer your podcast questions. This episode 322 is part of the Network. Today we talk about: 00:01:06 00:02:49 Changing Your Shows Format 00:11:02 Joe Rogan is Now Spotify Only 00:16:57...


 2020-12-06  54m

episode 321: Petrifying Podcast Fear

Quit worrying about the world hearing your show - they're not.


 2020-11-28  55m

episode 320: Good Audio Starts With Good Mic Placement

Dave and Jim talk about some really bad advice that someone gave Dave's client. We dig into some new podcast stats.


 2020-11-21  1h0m

episode 319: Avoid Being Nickel and Dimed

Hey Look it's November, and all those great deals you got last year are "this close" to renewing at their regular pricing. 


 2020-11-15  43m