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Established in 2005 if you want to learn about podcasting this is the show for you. It's been described by many as the most entertaining and unique of all the "Podcast About Podcasting." Dave Jackson gets to the point and talks about podcasting. We discuss ways to plan a successful launch that will get you ranking high in iTunes, finding the best gear on a budget, developing content that leaves people wanting more. He has been helping people understand technology and has been called "The Analogy King." His style is "edutainment" and you will always walk away with useful knowledge and insights. Dave Jackson is the original, and if you don't like the first episode you hear - give him two more and he'll change your mind.

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episode 716: Three Reasons Why Radio Personalities Should Be Podcasting

Today Dave talks with a Program Director about radio personalities having podcasts.



episode 715: What Does Bad Audio Sound Like?

Bad audio can steer people away from your podcast. What does "Bad Audio" sound like?



episode 714: Emergency Podcasting For Teachers

As teachers scramble to get their lessons online as School shut down due to COVID-19 I offer a solution. We also look at the new AT2100x microphone.



episode 713: Give Yourself Credit With Ronsley Vaz

Today I am recording from Podfest Multimedia Expo 2020 and I capture a conversation with in the hallway after he shares an amazing story about listener loyalty.  Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. When we don't give ourselves credit, this...



episode 712: A First Look at Descript Software- Transcriptions and Audio Editor in One

Descript is software that transcribes your episode and then you can go to the transcript and when you removed it from your transcript, it removes it from the audio. You can fade in and cuts that are a little rough to smooth them out. You can mix in...


 2020-03-02  38m

episode 711: 15 Things Podcasters Can Learn from Joel Osteen

I was in Houston for the Spark Christian Podcast Conference where I was speaking. It was a great event for the first time out of the gate and I met some really cool people. My buddy Sunny from the IPN asked me if I wanted to go see Joel Osteen who...


 2020-02-24  43m

episode 710: How Does Your Podcast Compete Against Giant Show?

How does an indie podcaster compete against a giant podcast network.


 2020-02-17  36m

 2020-02-10  35m

New Logo for the School of Podcasting

If you're listening to this it means you're a subscriber so thanks for being a subscriber.  It's here the logo from  Tell Mark that Dave sent ya. See you Monday.


 2020-02-07  1m

episode 708: Shaping Your Unique Voice with Eric Nuzum

Audience Engagement In a previous episode about I talked about how hard it is to obtain an engaged audience and you might be lucky if you get 5% engagement. This week on the finale of The Good Place they mentioned the Podcast , and on a...


 2020-02-03  46m