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The Backstory to Great Audio Storytelling, hosted by Rob Rosenthal, for Transom and PRX.

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Still More Darts and Laurels

Rob takes a hard listen to three podcasts -- "You Didn't See Nothin',” "Lights Out," and "Noble Champions." He then tosses out darts for work that caused him to ask "Why'd you do that?!" and laurels for work that's just plain crushing it. 



Think of a Radio Station (or Podcast) as a Musical Instrument

Steve Junker says he thinks of a radio station as a musical instrument -- a pipe organ, to be specific. It's capable of making all kinds kinds of sounds. But, he thinks public radio stations tend to only play a couple of notes - including WCAI in Falmouth, Massachusetts where he's the Managing Editor for News. In an effort to play a couple of other notes, he produced "Falmouth to Falmouth" a collaboration with another radio station in Falmouth -- Falmouth, England that is.



Dear Birth Mother

In this episode, Rob turns the mic on himself to mark the 10th anniversary of meeting his birth mother for the first time. He also features the positively stunning portrait of an adopting mom in "Dear Birth Mother," a Third Coast award-winning doc from Dan Collison and Elizabeth Meister at Long Haul Productions.


 2023-02-14  38m

Studs Terkel Meets Brian Eno in the Woods

It's good to look beyond your borders for inspiration. That's what this episode is about. Brian Harenetty is a sound ethnographer. And quite a bit of what he does resembles the work of radio and podcast producers. But he departs from us with his unique approach to audio storytelling. A meld of composition, fieldwork, oral history, and archive recordings coupled with listening events -- in the woods.


 2023-01-31  17m

This is Good, But I Have a Question

Three great new podcasts raised production questions for Rob. Why use sound effects in All There Is With Anderson Cooper? Why were the interviews for Bjork’s Sonic Symbolism podcast recorded so poorly? Those questions and more on the latest Sound School Podcast.


 2023-01-17  27m

Recording Sound Design in the Field

John Scott Dryden takes a very unique approach to sound design for the fiction podcasts he produces -- he records on location. For "Q&A," the first season of Mumbai Crime from Radiotopia, everything was recorded in Mumbai. The result is a podcast that sounds more organic, less manufactured in a studio. John explains why on this episode of Sound School. 


 2023-01-03  18m

Why Two Narrators When One Will Suffice?

The vast majority of stories are told by one narrator. But not at NPR's Planet Money. They regularly have co-narrators. Why? Why have two narrators when one will suffice? Reporters Erika Beras and Sarah Gonzalez have the answer.


 2022-12-20  20m

Caves and Bears and Neanderthal Flutes - Stories from Slovenia

What's the best way for reporters to break out of their boxes and think creatively? Give them an unusual assignment and send them out into the world with microphones. That's just what happened during a week-long workshop Rob taught with 10 reporters in Slovenia. Hear the results on this episode of Sound School. 


 2022-12-06  26m

Writing An Audio Essay

Rarely do reporters turn the mic on themselves to divulge the challenges in their own lives. So, when they do, it’s surprising — and refreshing. Stephanie Foo's personal essay, "The Favorite" is an excellent example. In this archive episode, Stephanie provides sage advice for anyone thinking of turning a mic toward themselves. 


 2022-11-22  24m

Story Dissection: When the Lede Gives It All Away

The opening to a story, especially a long series, requires a dance. How much do you give away? How much do you hold on to? On this episode of the Sound School Podcast, I offer two examples: one that didn't hook me because it gave away too much, another that made me eager to hear the whole story. Find out what I think works and what doesn't.


 2022-11-08  18m