The Backstory to Great Radio Storytelling, hosted by Rob Rosenthal, for Transom and PRX.



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      Story Endings - HowSound

      The narrative arc in recent story about the drug epidemic by NPR's Rachel Martin was like being taken down into a basement and having the light turned off. The piece was bleak and the ending was, perhaps, the darkest point in the story. Rachel talks about that choice and offers other thoughts about story endings on this episode of HowSound.



      Anatomy Of A Scene - HowSound

      Radio producers talk about the scenes in their stories all the time. "What are the scenes in your story?" "Oh, I got some great scene tape today." But what is a scene? On this episode, Rob dissects one of the best scenes he's heard in a while.



      A Rockin’ Start - HowSound

      It's possible I love David Weinberg's "Louie Louie" doc because I love the song. It's "Louie Louie" for God's sake. But, really, what hooked me was David's writing. Especially the opening.


       2018-07-10  14m

      Three Student Stories Produced In Only A Week - HowSound

      Three students. Three stories. One week. Hear what can be accomplished in a very short period of time with barely any sleep.


       2018-06-26  21m

      Hang A Picture In Front Of The Mic - HowSound

      Select telling details... Mete out descriptions... Cast surprising characters... and other tips for dynamic and visual reporting on the arts from the legendary Susan Stamberg.


       2018-06-12  13m

      25th Anniversary Of “Ghetto Life 101” - HowSound

      Blurb - This year marks the 25th anniversary of one of the best -- if not the best -- radio documentary: Ghetto Life 101. Producer David Isay and editor Gary Covino recall their landmark work on this episode of HowSound.


       2018-05-29  43m

      Recording Binaurally - HowSound

      All you need to know for this episode is this: Listen with your best headphones!


       2018-05-15  18m

      Finding Chenjerai The Storyteller - HowSound

      A few years ago, Chenjerai Kumanyika went to record his narration for his first-ever radio story. And he discovered a problem: "What should I sound like?" Several years later, Chenjerai found his voice on the Peabody Award-winning podcast "Uncivil."


       2018-05-01  22m

      Police Ride-Alongs - HowSound

      How can you be fair during an interview with a suspect when a police officer is standing right there? Over the years as a law enforcement reporter for NPR, Martin Kaste has developed an approach to navigate this and several other challenges.


       2018-04-17  14m

      The Value Of A Sympathetic Character - HowSound

      What do you do when the main character in a story is strange, bizarre, and weird? So crazy listeners might tune out? One answer is to find a sympathetic character, someone the audience can relate to. Producer Ann Heppermann explains how Glynn Washington was the perfect sympathetic character as the narrator of the "Heaven's Gate" podcast, the series about the cult that committed the largest mass suicide in the United States.


       2018-04-03  21m