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The Libyan Arab Jamahiriya with Matteo Capasso

Rudy joins Matteo Capasso, author of for a discussion on Libya with a focus on the period from 1969 to 2011. We delves into Matteo's  research on Libya, exploring the myths and stories surrounding Libya's history, aiming to dispel the notion of...



The Algerian Revolution I (1954-65): Decolonization, Self-Management and Internationalism

Rob, Eric and Rudy delve into the Algerian revolution, tracing its roots back to French colonization, through the liberation war, and the Ben Bella period. This first part of the discussion on Algeria explores the 19th-century French settlement of...



Democratic Rights and Socialism

The Confusions and Contradictions of Renzo Llorente



Migration as Economic Imperialism with Immanuel Ness

Rudy joins Immanuel Ness to discuss his recent work . We begin by explaining why migration is economic imperialism and addressing key questions about who migrates, their reasons, and destinations, highlighting evolving migration patterns. We explore...



From Champion of the Oppressed to Truth, Justice, and the American Way: Who Took the Socialism Out of Superman?

Hank Kennedy traces the ideological history of Superman, arguing that the populism of the character’s early iterations would eventually be shed as a result of commercial interests. Read by: Keir Intro Music: ворожное озеро Гроза...


 2023-08-31  23m

A History of the Home and the Fight for Free Time with Helen Hester and Nick Srnicek

Rudy joins authors Helen Hester and Nick Srnicek to explore their latest book, . The conversation commences with a clear definition of domestic work, setting the stage for the book's unique perspective on this issue in contrast to other theoretical...


 2023-08-28  57m

Marxism and the Democratic Republic

Luke Pickrell of Marxist Unity Group emphasizes the centrality of radical democracy to the communist project and reintroduces the construction of the democratic republic as the foundational political goal for socialists today. He emphatically asserts...


 2023-08-22  52m

Marxist Unity Group & the Democratic Socialists of America’s National Convention

Clara joins Amy, Steven, and Greg for a discussion centered around the (MUG) in the aftermath of the recent (DSA) convention. Amy, who earned a seat on the National Political Committee (NPC) through her election at the convention, as well as the...


 2023-08-21  1h20m

Czechoslovakia's Quest for Reform: Unraveling the Prague Spring

Chas, Christian, Rudy, and James come together to delve into a comprehensive conversation about the Prague Spring, a significant Czechoslovak reform movement. Their discussion begins by tracing the roots of Czechoslovak communism, recounting the...


 2023-08-14  2h0m

Labor Republicanism and the Freedom Question in 19th Century North America

Luke and Donald join Alexander Gourevitch, author of in the 19th Century, for a wide-ranging discussion about the republican conception of freedom and how republicanism was taken up by workers in the United States. They begin by discussing older...


 2023-08-07  1h43m