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Leon Trotsky and Cultural Revolution

Doug Enaa Greene argues that in Trotsky’s work a theory of cultural revolution can be found, one which differs from Mao Zedong’s that was developed in the context of the Russian Revolution and its struggle against bureaucracy.  Narrated by:...



Afghanistan Part 2: 1992 to the Present

Eric, Rob and Rudy join for the second part of the Afghanistan podcast, which covers the start of the Afghan civil war, the birth of the Taliban and their takeover of the country, 9/11 and the US Invasion, the period of the occupation government and...



Communists and the National Question in the 21st Century

Stani Bjegunac takes a look at different approaches to the national question by historical communists and how we may approach issues of national oppression in a 21st-century context.   Narrated by: Allan Lanterman Allen Lanterman   Intro...



Science Fiction, Emancipation and Yugoslavia with Darko Suvin

Rudy joins Darko Suvin, author of many books and pieces on science-fiction and also, an for a discussion on his life-long work. We talk about the role of science fiction in socialist politics, Bertolt Brecht and the estrangement effect, and what...



Long, Queer Revolution

Revolution won’t follow a neat and clean schema, fitting easily into one stage or another, argues Tom Frome. Instead, revolution will be a long process, a process that cannot always be categorized with preconceived definitions. The ideal of...



Disculpe, No Entiendo: Language Justice with Esme and Lizette

Rudy joins Esme and Lizette, from the for an introductory discussion on language justice. We discuss what language justice and linguicism are and what kind of barriers people face, before discussing the ways the LATU tries to bridge these barriers...


 2022-08-18  58m

episode 120: Under the Socialist Banner with Mike Taber

Donald Parkinson sits down with Mike Taber, editor of 'Under the Socialist Banner', a collection of resolutions from the Congresses of the Second International's revolutionary period (1889-1912). Donald and Taber go through the various Congresses and...


 2022-08-10  1h21m

The Platform is the Message

Amelia Davenport and Renato Flores argue that social media cannot be ignored despite its negative effects on modern culture. Instead, the left needs its own approach to social media that takes into account the values encoded into tech platforms. ...


 2022-08-08  34m

The Tortoise and the Hare: Cybernetics, Evolution, and Socialism

Amelia Davenport argues for the relevance of cybernetics to the project of developing a communism that transcends the modernist project. Read by Will Intro Music: ворожное озеро Гроза vwqp remix Outro Music: We are Friends...


 2022-08-01  39m

Ireland: Colonialism and the Unfinished Revolution

Rudy joins Robbie McVeigh and Bill Rolston, authors of for a discussion on Irish history from colonization to the present. We discuss the earliest colonization attempts, the Ulster plantation and the formation of the planter/gael binary and...


 2022-07-24  1h46m