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Republicanism and Freedom in Marx with William Clare Roberts

Ian and Donald join William Clare Roberts (@MarxInHell), author of for a discussion on the wider themes of his book: republicanism,  non-domination, theories of freedom, the early communist movement, and  how to read capital both...


 February 15, 2021  59m

The origins of Matzpen: the Israeli Anti-Zionist New Left with Moshé Machover

Isaac and Rudy join Moshé Machover, one of the four founding members of the Israeli Socialist Organization, better known as after the name of their publication for a discussion on the group's  origins, how their anti-zionist consciousness...


 February 7, 2021  1h49m

The Revolutionary Karl Kautsky with Ben Lewis

Parker and Alex have a conversation with the editor and translator of  (Haymarket, 2020) on the legacy of Karl Kautsky before he turned  renegade. They discuss the convergence of various conflicting political views, from 'Leninists' to...


 January 31, 2021  59m

The Family is Dead, Long Live the Family

With family abolition a controversial topic in the current-day leftist discourse, Alyson Escalante argues for a more nuanced and sensitive approach to the topic by looking at the works of Karl Marx and Alexandra Kollontai while exploring the relation...


 January 29, 2021  53m

The Chinese Rural Commune with Zhun Xu

Matt and Christian join Zhun Xu, author of for a discussion on China's communes from their construction to their dismantling. They contextualize land reform globally, elaborate on how the Chinese land reform process looked different from the Soviet...


 January 24, 2021  1h35m

Holocaust Capitalism

Richard Hunsinger argues that migrant concentration camps represent a descent into fascist barbarism and are related to the inherent tendencies of capitalism. Remi Debs reads the article aloud. -------------------- Find more information about...


 January 12, 2021  29m

An X-Ray of the Yugoslav Experiment in Self-Management

For the latest episode of our series on Actually Existing Socialism, Christian, Rudy, Donald and Connor join forces for a discussion on the Yugoslav self-management in its different iterations. We use Darko Suvin's Splendor, Misery and Possibilities:...


 January 2, 2021  1h26m

Radio Free Punjab

Rudy is joined by Jasdeep and Sangeet to talk about the recent farmers protests going on in Northern India, especially around the regions of Punjab and Haryana. They discuss the origins of the movement and of the farmers union, how the movement...


 December 27, 2020  45m

Attic Communists of the Netherlands

Parker and Alex join Emil Jacobs of the Socialist Party of the Netherlands to discuss the factional struggle and expulsion of the Communist Platform group. They discuss the party's bureaucratic centralism and opposition to open democratic struggle by...


 December 21, 2020  57m

Driving in reverse: Prop 22 and AppBased Drivers’ resistance with Boston Independent Drivers Guild

Rudy is joined by Jonathan, Henry and Felipe from the for a discussion on how gig drivers are  resisting and organizing against precarity in their jobs. We discuss  what a typical working day looks like and how drivers relate to their...


 December 16, 2020  1h3m