Kill James Bond!

Alice Caldwell-Kelly, Abi Thorn and Devon watch a different Bond film each fortnight in an attempt to give 007 the socialist, feminist upcoming he so richly deserves.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h12m. Bisher sind 89 Folge(n) erschienen. Dieser Podcast erscheint wöchentlich.

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episode 86: S2E8.5: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Find the full episode at our reasonably-priced patreon! ------ Lets not beat around the bush here: Alice did not participate in bringing a movie that means a lot to her, instead opting to show us Winter Kills. After ...



episode 85: S2E8: A Queen’s Ransom

Woah, wait a minute- This isn't Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit starring Chris Pine! No. In the time between episodes, our beloved Queen Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passed away. So, in loving tribute to the queen who birthed all english people like a queen ...



episode 84: S2E7.5 Kung Fu Hustle [TEASER]

Find the full episode at our reasonably-priced patreon! not EVERYONE was Kung Fu Fighting. That would be insane. ------ *WEB DESIGN ALERT* Tom Allen is a friend of the show (and the designer behind our we...



episode 83: S2E7: The Sum of All Fears

This movie boldly asks: What if a global neo-nazi cabal used a stolen israeli nuke to glass the city of Baltimore?  What if CIA Analyst Jack Ryan (Slightly too young Ben Affleck) was to try to stop it?    Find bonus episodes at our reasonably-priced pat...



episode 82: S2E6: Air Force One

We're just not quite ready to let Harrison Ford go yet, so we move seamlessly from Clear and Present Danger to Air Force One, a roughly contemporaneous movie that could fit very neatly into the Jack Ryan universe, as canonically Jack does become Presiden...


 2022-08-17  1h28m

episode 81: S2E5.5: Winter Kills [TEASER]

Find the full episode at our reasonably-priced patreon! Continuing the trend that Abi started by bringing us Totally Spies last time, we're taking a deep dive in to Alice's favourite childhood film, a movie that real...


 2022-08-09  10m

episode 80: S2E5: Clear and Present Danger

It's time to keep up the heat on Jack Ryan, and this time Mr Constitution himself is off to Colombia to racistly get himself involved in a bunch of drug smuggling events. Hard to express the lack of respect this movie has to the nation of Colombia, and i...


 2022-08-03  1h38m

episode 79: S2E4.5: Totally Spies: the Movie [TEASER]

Find the full episode at our reasonably-priced patreon!   Alright, look. Permit us this one. This was pretty nice to do.   *WEB DESIGN ALERT* Tom Allen is a friend of the show (and the designer behind our website). I...


 2022-07-27  10m

episode 77: S2E4: Patriot Games

Kill James Bond enters into another long-term beef with a named person, as we return.... to Jack Ryan. This time, retired CIA analyst Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford) faces off against a rogue element of the IRA, after getting himself embroiled in an assassinat...


 2022-07-20  1h12m

episode 78: S1E16.5: The Hunt for Red October [UNLOCKED]

This is a bonus episode originally released on Sept. 12 2021, unlocked to kick off our Jack Ryan series! - - - Alright, you know it, we know it. We need to pay tribute to our dear Old Man Connery and see off the Cold War in the form of watching an actual...


 2022-07-19  1h40m