Your Kickstarter Sucks

Useless robots, minimalist shoes, and "offensive" card games up to the friggin' Pope's stinky eyeballs! (Ewww!) That's crowdfunding in a nutshell, but it's also our modern world - a vast creativity desert, populated almost exclusively by scammers and dummies, practically coded to prey upon our pathological consumerism, permanently on the precipice of collapsing onto itself. Plus, there's a shitload of USB cables everywhere.But it's not all bad. Most concepts springing from the twin Idea Hells of Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are so obviously stupid that they'll never go into production -- saving valuable landfill space -- and many of them are laugh-out-loud funny. Well, they're the kind of funny that makes you do that ashamed chuckle you do when you're listening to a podcast in public. Sort of a stifled "Hfff" sound, where you clear your throat right afterwards and hope nobody noticed it. Hfffffffuhhhahem. I'm normal. As much as it sucks, sometimes you do need to buy stuff though. Occasionally you may even just want something, which is also fine within reason...

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Episode 296: We’re the GOATs

Well well well, if it isn’t the episode description. Didn’t think I’d see your sorry ass round these parts again. Now that you’re here though, I reckon we oughta make the best of it. Let’s put our heads together and come up with a way of describin’ this episode that feels both comfortable to a seasoned listener and appealing to any potential newcomer. Then when that’s done we can solve our differences the old fashioned way, mano a mano. Capisce? Alright...



Episode 295: Chapter 135: Supporting Women

Hey! We’re all in the metaverse! When ya comin’ by? And by “we” I mean, it’s like me, and a bunch of kids, and some drunk guys, and a comedy club. And we are just kind of floating around in mid-air. And it sounds really weird in here because we’re all on headset microphones. And there’s nothing to do...



Episode 294: Lil Data Monsters

That awkward moment when it’s Monday morning and we have to either go to work or pretend to work from home or just sit around and do whatever…Oh brother! I wish there was something to help pass the time but in a non-threatening, not super memorable kind of way! Well gang, good news...



Episode 293: Justin Bieber Best Artist of the World

I’m watching one of those stupid pawn shows while I’m sitting here writing this episode description out, and man, are these the stupidest shows ever made or what? I mean I don’t know who is watching them, other than total morons, because they don’t say anything worth a damn and it’s so boring it puts me to sleep. Then you got the ads, and they’re even worse! Next thing you know, they’ll be asking you to subscribe just to hear even more of their inane crap? God, don’t give them any ideas...



Episode 292: Must Read To Dogs

Hey Lois! Bring me one of those episodes of that show I like listening to so much...



Episode 291: The Clumsy Bird Challenge

It’s Presidents Day! Yay! Now I know that every single one of these guys is bad for a variety of, but mostly pretty similar, reasons. And I know that in a best case scenario, at least half of the people who are even alive had extreme antipathy towards the guys from their lifetime included in this holiday. BUT. Well I can’t think of a silver lining here. Maybe you got off work. Probably not though...


 2023-02-20  2h0m

Episode 290: The No Mistake show

Here we are folks, a Monday morning in many parts of the world, and we’re all thinking one thing: it’s time to listen to some guys on a podcast talk about their feelings...


 2023-02-13  1h56m

Episode 289: The Other Side of the Line

A new YKS! That’s Pawesome! On today’s show, we’re doing a little fashion show with a guy who I would say seems to be making an actionable threat on our lives, a cell phone app that somehow is even more annoying than being normal called on the phone, and the devastating story of a 6 year old’s dream to run a bandsaw for pwesident twump! And we did it all without Producer Dan! Let’s all prove that anything is possible, and that two guys who have been doing this for several years know how to...


 2023-02-06  2h13m

Episode 288: Hamburger For Brains

Back in the day, things just seemed a lot simpler, didn't they? You made your own card games to sell on Kickstarter, you dookied on a leaf in the woods, and could put your hand right on the shopping buggies! But not anymore. We've all taken the high heels off, gone woke, and turned our brains to hamburger...


 2023-01-30  1h44m

Episode 287: It Smell The Scam!

Hey everyone it’s time to write the episode description for YKS: Your Kickstarter Sucks. The key to this is to have basically a paragraph of things that show up below the episode file and are only accidentally seen when someone inadvertently swipes their finger on the screen in a weird way. As a result, it doesn’t make any difference what I actually write...


 2023-01-23  2h3m