Remember Shuffle

Remember the 2000s? A podcast about the dumbest decade in western history. So dumb most of it passed right through us without leaving us anything to think about, until now! We look at the most popular movies, subcultures, political movements, books, and video games of the decade and wonder what made them so popular to audiences in the 2000s, and how their legacy can still be seen today.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h13m. Bisher sind 49 Folge(n) erschienen. Alle zwei Wochen gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts.

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Grand Theft Auto E49: Push It to the Limit

Scarface is the ultimate, right? THE ULTIMATE.

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The Sopranos (Season 2) E48: A Gangster at the End of History

** I have fixed the audio issue at 1:08--if you do hear nothing, skip ahead 30s, you have a local copy stored. thank you to the listener who messaged us about this** Once again we are getting Italian pilled in this return to our series on The Sopranos. David Chase has said he wanted to make a show about trying to find happiness in an American context and Season 2 has a clear through-line of themes of American Existentialism...


 April 20, 2024  1h13m

[Adult Swim] with Chris Wade : E47 Big Tiddied Southern Gothic GF

Chris Wade, of the excellent Hell on Earth and goated pod Chapo Trap House podcasts brings his expertise in the field of early 200s adult animation to Remember Shuffle. On this episode, the Shuffle Bois and Chris discuss the history of niche cable networks, the comic geniuses Mike Lazzo and Adam Reed, and the highly scientific field of generationology (Gen X content for the millennial baby boom echo)...


 April 6, 2024  1h7m

Family Guy E46: Most Racist Moments (Not For Snowflakes) | with TGOFV

Holy Colab it’s a Craporation. Those Good Old Fashioned Values join us to help sum up the hundreds of hours of Seth MacFarlane content that exists.  We take a wide angle, 40,000 foot view of Family Guy - its structure and style of comedy, cancellation and revival in the 2000s, and how it changed over time - before turning to three themes that we feel define Family Guy: postmodernism, media technology, and transgressiveness...


 March 23, 2024  1h10m

The Two Towers E45: Uphold Anarcho-Tolkeinist Thought

The 2nd part of our 3 part series on the Lord of the Rings–one of the 2000s most beloved franchises. We get into the themes of the movie including Tokien’s own politics on Anarchy, Environmentalism and Class Politics. 

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 March 9, 2024  1h7m

Pick Up Artists with Sabrina Zohar E44: The Game Cube

Do you believe in spells? In our 3rd “Type of Guy” episode, we look into one of the 2000s most annoying villains: The Pickup Artist. We give a synopsis of the book ‘The Game’, try in vain to defend their techniques, and explain why this particular villain emerged at this point in history.

We are joined by dating coach and podcaster Sabrina Zohar of the ‘Do The Work Podcast’, which you can find on instagram


 February 24, 2024  1h15m

Paris Hilton E42: We’ll Always Have Paris (Hilton)

*Vocal fry* this is hot. @Thank_U_for_Shopping joins the Shuffle Bois and turn to a major figure of 2000s pop culture: the socialite, reality TV star, and boss business bitch Paris Hilton. They trace her early life and experiences in the troubled teen industry, her reality TV stint in Arkansas, and her metamorphosis into the first instagram influencer...


 February 10, 2024  1h21m

George W. Bush: E43 Amuse Bush

This is a bonus episode. We will be returning with a regular episode 1 week from now

We are joined by filmmaker Christopher James Bell (@UpdateTheGrids) to discuss the George W Bush presidency as well as Chris’ documentary on Means TV, “Miss Me Yet.”. We go a little rapid-fire, scatter-shot of the major events, wars, and crimes of the GeorgE W...


 February 3, 2024  1h0m

Zero Dark Thirty E41: Enhanced Girl Bossing Techniques

Get it now before the episode is inevitably taken down out of cowardice. A movie episode (in name only!) in which we use Kathryn Bigelow’s “Zero Dark Thirty” as a springboard to discuss the Bush administration’s torture program during the global War on Terror, the attempt to use both girl-bossing and identity politics to whitewash the crimes of empire, and the rise of the contemptible and irritating “bearded operator” subculture...


 January 20, 2024  1h34m

Pat Tillman: E40 Strong Safety Blitz(krieg)

To make someone a martyr is to strip them of their humanity. Yet sometimes Pat Tillman is more than human, and becomes the greatest personification of the Global War on Terror. In Remember Shuffle’s first “very special episode” we cover “The Odyssey of Pat Tillman,” in biographer John Krakauer’s words. We trace his life from his childhood in California, through his enlistment, to his eventual death in a friendly fire incident and the ensuing cover-up...


 January 6, 2024  1h21m