Retro Island Diskettes

Retro castaways choose eight music tracks of computer or video game origins through which to tell the story of their life in retro. From arcades to home micros, hackers to demo sceners, every guest has a unique and personal story to tell.


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episode 2: Beast from Quartex | Retro Island Diskettes | Ep.2

Beast from Quartex shares a life of cracking, piracy, police raids and court room drama from the inside of a major cracking group.  Listen to his story and his musical choices through which to tell the tale. ● Patreon: ● Shop: ● MonsterJoysticks: Hosts: ●RetroManCave - ●BackOfficeShow -


 2018-05-01  1h4m

episode 1: Banjo Guy Ollie | Retro Island Diskettes | Ep.1

Welcome to episode one of Retro Island Diskettes, a new series in which we explore a guests retro life through their musical choices, before casting them away on Retro Island. ● Patreon: ● Shop: ● MonsterJoysticks: Hosts: ●RetroManCave - ●BackOfficeShow - Guests: ●Banjo Guy Ollie -


 2018-04-15  1h18m