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episode 271: Earthbound & Life Inside Nintendo with Marcus Lindblom - The Retro Hour EP272

We chat to Marcus Lindblom who brought Mother 2 to the western audience as Earthbound, and get some stories about his time at Nintendo during the glory days of the SNES.



episode 270: Atari & Computing Pioneer Chris Crawford - The Retro Hour EP270

We talk to the legendary Chris Crawford about his roots in Mainframe gaming, his time at Atari and founding the Computer Game Developers Conference (GDC).



episode 269: Dominik Diamond & 8-Bit Show & Tell - The Retro Hour EP269

We catch up with Dominik Diamond about his new GamesMaster book and is he involved in the TV reboot? Plus, cloning the C64 and more with Robin Harbron from the wonderful 8-Bit Show And Tell.



episode 268: Making New Vectrex Games in 2021 - The Retro Hour EP268

We chat to developer Robin Jubber about developing games on the Vectrex in 2021, and his past work on games like Malice, Rat Attack and more!



episode 267: Ocean Software: Inside Stories with Bill Harbison - The Retro Hour EP267

We get some amazing stories from the glory days of Ocean Software with Bill Harbison who worked on classics like Robocop, Batman The Movie, Chase H.Q and Jurassic Park.


 2021-03-19  1h29m

episode 266: Pete Cannon: Making Amiga Jungle Music in 2021 - The Retro Hour EP266

We chat to the amazing Pete Cannon about producing Jungle and Hip-Hop music on the Amiga today, the tools he uses and his history.


 2021-03-12  1h18m

episode 265: Bullfrog with Alex Trowers - The Retro Hour EP265

We get some amazing stories of life at Bullfrog and working on classics like PowerMonger, Populous, Syndicate and Magic Carpet with Alex Trowers.


 2021-03-05  1h28m

episode 264: Frak!, The X-Files, Ghostbusters II with Nick Pelling - The Retro Hour EP264

We're joined by Nick Pelling who worked on classics like The X-Files, Ghostbusters II, Duke Nukem 3D and the BBC Micro classic, Frak!


 2021-02-26  1h17m

episode 263: SimCity & Maxis with Justin McCormick - The Retro Hour EP263

We get the inside story on the legendary Maxis Software and games like SimCity, SimCity 2000, SimAnt and the original Sims with Justin McCormick.


 2021-02-19  1h18m

episode 262: Brenda Romero: Wizardry & Sir-tech - The Retro Hour EP262

We catch up with award-winning game designer Brenda Romero about her time at Sir-tech and the legendary Wizardry series!


 2021-02-12  1h27m