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episode 165: From Zork to The Dark Room with John Robertson - The Retro Hour EP165

In this episode we discuss everything from brutal Infocom text adventures, retro gaming TV and the story of "The Dark Room", the world's only live-action adventure videogame with the wonderful John Robertson.



episode 164: Imagine Software and Codemasters with Bruce Everiss - The Retro Hour EP164

We're joined by Bruce Everiss to get the inside story on the legendary rise and fall of Imagine Software and Codemasters in their heyday.



episode 163: Perifractic's Retro Recipes - The Retro Hour EP163

Our guest this week has been in Star Wars movies, and he's a retro computing and gaming geek, we catch up with the brilliant Christian Simpson aka Perifractic's Retro Recipes.



episode 162: Football Manager with Kevin Toms - The Retro Hour EP162

We get the inside story on the original Football Manager games with legendary developer Kevin Toms!



episode 161: Retro Cave Dwellers - The Retro Hour EP161

A laid back retro chat covering everything from importing systems from Japan, Sinclair C5s and Sharp X68000s with Neil from Retro Man Cave, Andrew Dalton and Gary Pinkett.


 2019-02-22  1h5m

episode 160: ToeJam & Earl Retrospective with Greg Johnson - The Retro Hour EP160

We get the history of the classic ToeJam & Earl with co-creator Greg Johnson and find out about their 2019 comeback.


 2019-02-15  1h14m

episode 159: Frank Klepacki: Command & Conquer, Dune, Star Wars - The Retro Hour EP159

We're joined by legendary Westwood Studios composer Frank Klepacki, chatting about Command & Conquer, Dune, Star Wars Empire at War and more!


 2019-02-08  1h14m

episode 158: Tony Takoushi talks Mean Machines and SEGA - The Retro Hour EP158

We talk to the founder of Mean Machines and Sega legend Tony Takoushi - plus WIN a copy of his new game.


 2019-02-01  1h10m

episode 157: The History of Firebird Software - The Retro Hour EP157

Read show notes here:


 2019-01-25  1h16m

episode 156: Memoirs of an Auzzie Sega Game Counsellor - The Retro Hour EP156

We find out about life manning the phones as an early 90's Sega Game Counsellor with Tim Gadler.


 2019-01-18  1h10m