The Retro Hour (Retro Gaming Podcast)

Your weekly dose of retro gaming and technology news and interviews with industry veterans. New episodes released every Friday!

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episode 294: Quake Remastered with Modern Vintage Gamer - The Retro Hour EP294

Dimitris from Modern Vintage Gamer joins us to talk about his game development background, updating classics like Shantae and the new 2021 remaster of Quake!



episode 293: PC Gaming in the 1980s: A Digital Revolution with Jeff Johannigman

Jeff Johannigman had his first game published by Atari, before moving to Electronic Arts, co-founded the Game Developers' Conference, and worked as a programmer, designer, and producer on games for Microprose, Origin, Broderbund and more!



episode 292: The Ultimate History of Video Games - The Retro Hour EP292

We're joined by author Steven Kent who has covered the games industry since the early 90s, and had a front-row seat at some of the biggest console launches and companies. He's recently followed up his 2001 book The Ultimate History of Video Games.



episode 291: Classic RPGs with Neal Hallford - The Retro Hour EP291

We're joined by RPG legend Neal Hallford to get the inside story on the making of classics like Planet's Edge, Betrayal at Krondor and Dungeon Siege



episode 290: Interactive Gaming Pioneer Tracy Fullerton - The Retro Hour EP290

We chat to the amazing Tracy Fullerton about her work on MTV's webRIOT, the first interactive TV show to sync online and TV together, developing early online games for MSN and much more.



episode 289: Core Design Memories with Gary Antcliffe - The Retro Hour EP289

We chat to the wonderful Gary Antcliffe for an in-depth chat about his time at Core Design working on the classic adventure game, Universe. Plus, his early days in the British 8-bit games industry.


 2021-08-20  1h40m

episode 288: Explaining Retro Computers with Chris Barnatt - The Retro Hour EP288

We're joined by the host of Explaining Computers, Chris Barnatt for a fantastically nostalgic chat about 8-bit computers, forgotten operating systems, obsolete storage mediums and we examine what retro will be like in the future.


 2021-08-13  1h34m

episode 287: Namco: Inside Stories with Scott Rogers - The Retro Hour EP287

We chat to legendary game designer Scott Rogers who worked on classics like Soul Blade, Abe's Oddysee and Pac-Man World 20th Anniversary.


 2021-08-06  1h37m

episode 286: Bullfrog & Syndicate with Sean Cooper - The Retro Hour EP286

We chat to the father of one of the best RTS games ever, Syndicate! Plus, inside stories of working with Peter Molyneux and games like Magic Carpet, Populous and Magic Carpet with Sean Cooper.


 2021-07-30  1h32m

episode 285: Spy vs Spy with Richard Spitalny - The Retro Hour EP285

We get the inside story of classics like Spy vs Spy and Boulderdash with the founder of First Star Software, Richard Spitalny.


 2021-07-23  1h33m