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episode 311: Activision and Acclaim: Inside Stories with Rod Cousens - The Retro Hour EP311

We're joined by industry veteran Rod Cousens to hear some amazing stories from his time as vice president of Activision, the rise and fall of Acclaim Entertainment and the early days of the British micro-computer games scene.



episode 310: Sega Europe with CEO Nick Alexander - The Retro Hour EP310

We get some amazing inside SEGA stories with the former man-at-the-top, CEO of SEGA Europe and Virgin Games, Nick Alexander.



episode 309: The Music of Ocean Software - The Retro Hour EP309

We get some amazing stories from Peter Clarke who was an in-house musician at Ocean Software in the 80s, working on classics like Bubble Bobble and Head Over Heels alongside Martin Galway. He's about to release a new SID remix album featuring other C64 legends.



episode 308: Getting Your Retro Systems Online & Mac Nostalgia - The Retro Hour EP308

Our first guest of 2022 is the wonderful Sean from Action Retro. He makes services that let your retro computers surf the modern Internet, and we reminisce about classic Mac gaming.



episode 307: The Best of 2021 in Retro Gaming - The Retro Hour EP307

Join us for a BUMPER look back at the best retro gaming news stories of 2021 and some of our favourite industry veterans who have joined us on the podcast this year!


 2021-12-24  1h53m

episode 306: Retro Gaming Christmas Quiz 2021 - The Retro Hour EP306

It's our annual retro gaming Christmas super quiz! Listen as Paul Drury from Retro Gamer, quiz extraordinaire Oliver Wilmot, Neil from RMC and Mark from Mark Fixes Stuff challenge Ravi and Joe to a battle of nostalgic wits.


 2021-12-17  1h23m

episode 305: How to Take Care of Your Retro Systems with Jan Beta - The Retro Hour EP305

Jan Beta runs a fantastic Youtube channel dedicated to retro computer and console retorations and repairs, we get some essential tips from him on keeping your retro systems in top condition!


 2021-12-10  1h38m

episode 304: Dreamcast: Where It Went Wrong with Sega's Mark Subotnick

We go behind the scenes at Sega during the troubled 1990s with former Sega of America Producer Mark Subotnick, with some never-before-told stories of the misteps that lead to them exiting the console business.


 2021-12-03  1h38m

episode 303: The Secret History of Mac Gaming - The Retro Hour EP303

We look back at the forgotten history of gaming on the classic Apple Macintosh, the huge franchises that started on the platform and how it changed the industry, with award winning author Richard Moss.


 2021-11-26  1h37m

episode 302: Agony (Psygnosis), Unreal & Outcast with Franck Sauer - The Retro Hour EP302

We chat to veteran video game artist and co-founder of Art and Magic, Franck Sauer who worked on classics like Agony for Psygnosis, Unreal for Ubi Soft and Outcase for Infogrames.


 2021-11-19  1h20m