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Ep 162 – meetings suck, get organized! (teaser)

A lot of people think that meetings really suck, but what if the problem runs deeper than that?? The Wrong Boys share their experiences and investigate what it means to be an...


 August 7, 2018  8m

Ep 161 – Brocialists Against Patriarchy (w/ Franz)

This week, special guest Franz shows the Wrong Boys how to crush brews, bump fists, dismantle patriarchy, and have a strong class analysis – all while imparting a deep lesson about what...


 July 26, 2018  1h21m

Ep 160 – Homelessness is a moral nightmare

The solution to homelessness is to give people homes and we can do it right now nobody deserves this Special thanks to InvisiblePeople.Tv for the amazing work they do interviewing people who...


 July 19, 2018  1h45m

Ep 159 – Misanthropy is a Death Cult!

The Wrong Boys get polemical this week as they delve into the unseemly (and factually deficient) world of thoughts and ideas that lack a basic respect for human life. Corporation Motivation by...


 July 10, 2018  1h32m

Ep 157 – Listen up, Elon! (w/ Brett O’Shea)

Dear Elon Musk, This week The Wrong Boys had Brett from Revolutionary Left Radio on their show to talk about podcasting, his politics, working together, your condemnable business practices, and the best...


 June 27, 2018  1h33m

Ep 156 TEASER – Wrong Boys Vacation!

this episode is all about paid time off: who gets it, how much, and how much more is possible theme song by Far Flowers: donate to our patreon for access to...


 June 20, 2018  4m

Ep 155 – Gentrification

When improving the neighborhood means you no longer get to live in it Theme song by Trái Bơ Consider donating to our Patreon:


 June 12, 2018  1h10m

Ep 154 – You Can Create New Words

Its Neologisms! Neologisms! Neologisms! this weeks as the Wrong Boys go on a fantastical journey through the heady and enchanting world of BRAND NEW WORDS and all the wonderful ways in which...


 June 6, 2018  1h0m

Ep 153 – Bullshit Jobs (w/ David Graeber)

The Wrong boys speak with David Graeber about his new book ‘Bullshit Jobs’, exploring the ever multiplicating ways our society makes up stuff for people to do. They also discuss the puritan...


 May 26, 2018  1h9m

EP 152 – This Episode Was Made By Machines

This episode isn’t about machines. It’s made by a podcast-making machine. Workdays vs. Raises, Property Appreciation vs. Wages, TV Good or TV Bad?, Comparative Legal Treatment of Rich and Poor, and Cynics Vs....


 May 14, 2018  49m