The Bottlemen

Dan Boeckner and Riley Quinn pouring a little bit of maple poison into your brain weekly, here and on Patreon.

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episode 108: Preview: The Nickel Giant ft. Liv Agar

Riley, Dan, and Liv all got nickel poisoning from our deep dive into Pierre Poilievre's long, strange history on youtube. Come for the giant novelty nickel, stay for the giant novelty penny. Get the full episode on Patreon!


 2022-05-19  5m

episode 107: The Ontarian’s Dilemma ft. Luke Savage

In case you didn't know, there's an election coming up in the very heart of Downtown Canada. Jacobin magazine contributor and Michael and Us co-host Luke Savage joins Riley and Dan to discuss the state of play in Ontario politics, a reflection on the su...


 2022-05-13  1h9m

episode 106: PREVIEW: Robocop: Toronto Nights ft. Will Menaker

Will Menaker rejoins Dan and Riley to enjoy yet another film set in the "Toronto Standing In For Detroit" cinematic universe... the inexplicable, Canadian-made Robocop TV show that aired for twenty one glorious episodes in the 1990s. Check out our...


 2022-05-05  5m

episode 105: A Night At The Museum ft. Nate Bethea, Milo Edwards

It's a rare all-in-person Bottlemen episode! Dan and Riley are in the trashfuture podcast studio with Milo and Nate to talk about some Canadian goings-on, but mostly to recount our trip to the British Museum where we were hoping to touch the mummies. ...


 2022-05-01  1h14m

episode 104: On The Sources of Z Conduct ft. Yasha Levine, Evgenia Kovda

We've talked a lot about the information environment in the West, as it pertains to support for the War and its uncomplicated nature. Yasha and Evgenia of The Russians podcast join Riley and Dan to talk about the other side of that information environmen...


 2022-04-21  5m

episode 103: Carbon, Damn Carbon, and Statistics ft. Jess Green

Jess Green returns to discuss Canada's new budget with Dan and Riley, with a special focus on the climate plans. We're taking the carbon, and we're putting it underground, folks! Down below the planet's crust it will surely only bother Morlocks, and we c...


 2022-04-19  57m

episode 102: PREVIEW: Riley Attends Dan Boeckner’s School of Rock: Tim Kingsbury and the Ballad of Old GWAR

Arcade Fire's Tim Kingsbury joins Riley and Arcade Fire's and Wolf Parade's and Operators' and Handsome Furs' Dan Boeckner to discuss their holiday in the irradiated wastes of the American South West, the worst bar in St. Louis, and what happens when yo...


 2022-04-11  5m

episode 101: Gabbo’s Coming! (To Cooperate!)

It's coming! The NDP and Liberal parties have decided to work together to achieve a social settlement beyond our wildest dreams, including what appears to be plans for full employment based on an endless profusion of exploratory committees. Get it...


 2022-04-02  1h10m

episode 100: PREVIEW: Cumbernauld Hit (a ”Dan Had Covid” bonus substitute)

Dan and Riley appeared on a bonus episode of Riley's other podcast to talk about a very strange movie made by a local council in 1960's Scotland - Cumbernauld Hit! Normal service resuming this week, thank you for your patience! If you're not a TF patron,...


 2022-03-31  11m

episode 99: Full Metal Dollar ft. Alex Scaggs

Alex Scaggs of Barrons joins Dan and Riley to discuss the sanctions being levelled on Russia. What do they entail? How will they work in practice? What the fuck is SWIFT? Also, we look at - and are entirely unsurprised by - which NATO finance minister/d...


 2022-03-22  1h3m