Time and Space: A Doctor Who Podcast

Time and Space celebrates “Doctor Who,” one the world’s most enduring television sci-fi series. Co-hosts (and recently married couple) Jessica Nunn and Phillip Gilfus take an in-depth look at the current episodes of the Doctor and her companions, exploring how the new adventures of the Thirteenth Doctor break new ground and reach back into the canon. Jessica, a newer Whovian and an 11-year resident of the United Kingdom, and Phillip, a lifelong resident of the USA and fan of classic & nuWho, join together to discuss characters, stories, technology, Big Finish audio adventures, novels, and comics. They journey into the “TARDIS archives” each episode to look at how classic Doctor adventures helped pave the way to contemporary stories. Join Time and Space as Jessica and Phillip explore their love of “Doctor Who,” and, occasionally, for each other.


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Episode 18 - A Song in Time

River Song Profile Besides the Doctor, perhaps no other "Doctor Who" character is as "timey-whimey" as his wife - Dr. River Song (Alex Kingston). Jessica and Phillip try to make sense of her life and times by watching all her episode appearances in...


 2018-04-18  1h5m

Episode 17 - Is Creepy the Right Word?

Fifty Plus Years Worth of Intros There is nothing like sitting down to watch another episode of "Doctor Who" - and each of the various intros have their own character to them. Whether it's a different theme tune arrangement, various special effects,...


 2018-04-04  51m

Episode 16 - A Familiar Face

Lead Actors' Prior "Who" Appearances It's no surprise that, with so many actors appearing in "Doctor Who," some get "re-cast" in other Whovian roles throughout the years. However, a few of the main actors in the franchise previously appeared in other...


 2018-03-28  32m

Episode 15 - The Doctor Gives Back

Charity Specials There are a variety of "Doctor Who" extra episodes, usually around holidays, anniversaries or DVD/Blu-Ray releases. However, the TARDIS and Time Lord traditionally appear in specials during two annual charity telethons: Children in...


 2018-03-21  40m

Episode 14 - Come for the Family

Gallifrey One Convention It's fun and thrilling to watch "Doctor Who," but there's nothing like experiecing the fandom with fellow Whovians. Gallifrey One (www.gallifreyone.com) bills itself as the longest-running, largest fan-run Doctor Who...


 2018-03-14  45m

Episode 13 - Gone Before His Time

The Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) He has many names - "The Oncoming Storm" and "The Last of The Time Lords" - but the Ninth Doctor is also "The Doctor That Re-Launched the Franchise." Jessica and Phillip look at the shortest-serving Doctor to...


 2018-03-07  38m

Episode 12 - Not-Scrooge and His Merry Fish

"A Christmas Carol" Discussion Nothing says Christmas Day like a "Doctor Who" Christmas special! Despite it being the "off season," Jessica and Phillip jump into the 11th Doctor's first special, "A Christmas Carol." It's a Whovian-spin on the classic...


 2018-02-28  32m

Episode 11 - Friends, Romans, Companions

A Look at the Eleventh Doctor's Companions This week brings "breaking news" with a new 13th Doctor teaser, a new "Doctor Who" logo, and a release date (sort of!) for the new series. Jessica and Phillip then discuss the 11th Doctor's (Matt Smith)...


 2018-02-21  45m

Episode 10 - Cute, Scary, or Overused?

Favorite Aliens Daleks, Cybermen, and Sontarans -- oh my! The myriad of aliens and monsters in Doctor Who are almost too numerous to name. Jessica and Phillip go through a round-robin listing of their favorite aliens in the franchise. Adipose,...


 2018-02-14  33m

Episode 09 - American and Half-Human

"Doctor Who: The Movie" (1996) Analysis  The first attempt to "revive" the Doctor Who franchise after the end of the classic era was a joint produced TV movie by 20th Century Fox and the BBC. "Doctor Who: The Movie" introduced the Eighth Doctor (Paul...


 2018-02-07  48m