Troublesome Terps

Troublesome Terps is a roundtable-style podcast covering topics from the interpreting space and the wider world of languages. The hosts - Jonathan Downie, Alexander Drechsel, Alexander Gansmeier, and Sarah Hickey - discuss them amongst themselves or with high-profile guests from the industry.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h9m. Bisher sind 48 Folge(n) erschienen.

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Episode 8: All about conferences

Jonathan and the two Alexanders discuss conferences - the ones they did or did not attend, why interpreters should attend them, the difference between and "academic" and "practical" ones and much more.


 2016-10-24  43m

Episode 7: The outside world doesn't owe us anything

We welcome a very special guest: Ewandro Magalhaes. Ewandro tells us how he made his super-successful TED-Ed video "How interpreters juggle two languages at once".


 2016-08-22  46m

Episode 6: Oh, behave! Booth Manners

The three troublemakers dive into the pitfalls of booth manners and interpreter etiquette, sharing a few stories along the way. Listen in!


 2016-06-09  53m

Episode 5: Remote Interpreting

Jonathan and the two Alexanders are joined by tech-savvy interpreter Barry Olsen to take a deep dive into remote interpreting. What is it, what is it not? How will it change our work?


 2016-05-06  56m

Episode 4: Bad Translation Is Like Bad Coffee

We have our first guest on the show, and it's Valeria Aliperta from Rainy London! Val and Jonathan talk about last week's TL Conference in Warsaw and the presentations they gave there.


 2016-03-24  48m

Episode 3: Bonus: Sweet Throat Relief

Every interpreter has throat issues at some point. Valeria, Jonathan and Alexander share some tips and tricks to get that sweet relief.


 2016-03-21  3m

Episode 2: Stress and Burnout

In the second instalment of our podcast, we talk about stress and burnout among interpreters.


 2016-03-02  52m

Episode 1: Dictionaries On Legs

Welcome to the first and inaugural episode of Troublesome Terps, a roundtable podcast of interpreters who take issue with anything and everything and who are not afraid to go figuratively and boldly where no interpreter has gone before. I am joined by Jonathan Downie and Alexander Gansmeier. Our topic in this episode: machine interpreting.


 2016-02-13  28m