Ask the Podcast Coach

Dave Jackson has been helping people launch podcasts since 2005 and every Saturday he is joined by Jim Collison to is runs the Average Guy Network. Together they have 20 years of podcasting experience and coaching.

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 2014-09-26  1h2m

Podcast Legal Speak - Multiple Podcast Confguration

Podbean is Still Bad  Podbean has always been a mystery. In looking at their network they have a lot of people listed that makes it appear that they are using their service. It turns out they are not. See what Mignon Fogarty...


 2014-09-19  1h1m

Amazon Details - National Podcast Day

  Is Podcasting a Winter Sport? As people can now download new episodes anywhere over their phone (no need to go home and syncronize your ipod like we did in 2009. Buying iTunes Reviews [4:09] Is it OK to "Buy" podcast reviews in iTunes? It...


 2014-09-12  1h1m

Podcast Movement Reflections with Matt Lovell

Today Dave talks about his insight from Podcast Movement and we are joined by Matt from  who just published his first podcast (CONGRATS!). Dave met Matt at podcast movement and Matt said he was going to be in Cleveland and Dave said to look...


 2014-09-05  1h3m

The After Show Compilation

This is a special compilation of the "After show" that we do after we stop the show at an hour. Thank to Jim for pulling some clips.  Should Everyone Start a Podcast? We talk about barriers to podcasting, and what would happen if there were...


 2014-08-31  1h6m

Membership Sites Vs Patreon

Troubleshooting Your Podcast [2:00] Dave was having issues with a usb hub. When in doubt keep things simple. [spp-tweet "Get your podcast questions answered live every Saturday"] Skype Issues with a Heil PR-40[6:52] When dealing with a mac you...


 2014-08-24  1h2m

Archiving Old Shows - Amazon Links - Swell

Today we talk about some strange audio issues. The good news is the show must go on (the sound isn't that bad on the recording). What Do you Do With Old Shows? I use a service called to backup my files. You can get 15 Gigs...


 2014-08-08  1h2m

Do You Think About Podcasting All The Time?

One Night of Bowling Cost More Than a Month of Podcasting I spent #36 to bowl, and didn't blink. Yet people will complain about spending $30 a MONTH to podcast. Should My Podcast Be Professional or Sloppy? [5:30] Well, I've never heard someone...


 2014-07-31  58m

 2014-07-23  1h4m

Podcast Promotion - Social Bro - Hip Chat

:50 Google Kills Orkit 5:00 Social Bro12:30 Audience Download break down19:00 Stitcher and Spreaker News20:35 Android Autio22:30 Podcast Apps27:00 Hip Chat30:15 Promoting Google Hangouts32:19 Hip Chat talk39:00  is helping me get caught up...


 2014-07-18  1h16m