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Emergency Session: It’s True. All of It.

It’s here! The final Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer! Matt and Tristan do a quick analysis of the trailer in The Nerd Party’s first Emergency Session. Make sure to go to to check out the trailer shot by shot.What did you think...


 2015-10-20  27m

Session 32 - Martian Iron Man

The Martian was finally released!  It launched a great start for genre films coming in the last quarter of 2015. This is a SPOILER filled review. Do NOT listen to this unless you have seen the movie. You have been warned. What did you think of the...


 2015-10-07  58m

Session 31 - Do I Look Like I Give a Damn?

Matt and Tristan cannot contain their excitement for the upcoming release of James Bond in Spectre. In anticipation, they go through and discuss their favorite top two films from each Bond. You might be surprised with what you hear. Also, they...


 2015-09-22  1h17m

Session 30 - Loud and Proud

What planned on being an in-depth conversation about upcoming TV shows turned into a piece about wearing your geek shirts loud and proud. What would you like to wear in public if you didn’t receive any judgement? Would you even care to begin with?Let...


 2015-09-01  47m

Session 29 - Blind to it’s Vision

Matt and Tristan go back and dissect the entire Mission Impossible movie franchise and rank their favorites. Also, Matt goes into his spoiler-free review of Rogue Nation.What’s your ranking?


 2015-08-18  1h4m

Session 28 - Very Roguish

Matt and Tristan finish their X-Men analysis by discussing X-Men First Class, Days of Future Past, and it’s Rogue Cut. What did you think of the Rogue Cut? Was it necessary?  


 2015-07-29  55m

Session 27 - Pinnochio Started a Joke

COMIC-CON!!!!!!! Matt and Tristan talk about all things Comic-Con in this week’s episode. Batman v. Superman, X-Men: Apocalypse, Deadpool, Suicide Squad and so much more. What was your favorite thing to come out of SDCC this year?


 2015-07-14  49m

Session 26 - Collect What You Want

This week on The Nerd Party, Matt and Tristan think about the difference of buying toys and procuring collectibles.  They start the show by talking about Pixar’s Inside Out, the new Spider-Man, and Ridley Scott’s The Martian.What do you collect as a...


 2015-06-30  49m

Session 25 - Money, Money, Money!

Matt and Tristan are at the right age where they grew up with Pixar. It’s been a facet in so many of our lives now that it’s hard to imagine a time without it. In this week’s episode they rank their Top Five favorite Pixar films of all time. It was...


 2015-06-23  1h0m

Session 24 - Hold Onto Your Butts

Jurassic World is coming out soon and Matt and Tristan just can’t help themselves but look back with this Jurassic Park retrospective. They examine the original trilogy, discuss what it meant to them when they watched it, what it meant to the world,...


 2015-06-02  49m