Nerd Nuptial

Checkout two married nerds and their slant on all things geek.Join The Girl and her husband, Tristan Riddell, as they delve deep into TV, Film, Nerd Culture, and everything in-between.

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Episode 021 - Into the Light

What's the last movie you want to watch before you die? So often we hear about the "Last Meal" but this week on Nerd Nuptial we talk about what our "Last Film" would be before we die. Tristan and The Girl both have very different thought processes on...


 2016-06-27  56m

Episode 020 - That's Cold, Georgie

Happy Belated Father's Day! Celebrate Father's with Nerd Nuptial this year. The Girl and Tristan go back to their library and pull a list of movies that feature great (and not so great) movie dads. They start off the show remembering the late Anton...


 2016-06-20  53m

Episode 019 - Her and Her Whales

Recommending Movies and TV and it's Inherent Dangers We all have done it and will continue to do it. All of us have had it done to us. That is recommend movies/TV to our friends and family and paid for it. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it...


 2016-06-14  49m

Episode 018 - Poor Nic Cage

Guilty Pleasure Movies We all have them but we rarely admit that we do. Even rarer is admitting what they actually are. Tristan and The Girl go down the list of all time Guilty Pleasure movies and some of the revelations might surprise you. The...


 2016-06-06  1h0m

Episode 017 - Robin Hood Was Hot

Growing up with Disney! So many of us have grown up with animated Disney films and The Girl and Tristan are no different. On this week's episode they go through what it was like to see those clamshell cases on the shelf and which Disney films they...


 2016-05-30  1h3m

Episode 016 - Enterprising Young People

Star Trek Beyond! No matter how you feel about the new Star Trek movie or the JJ-Verse as a whole, it gets people talking. We are in full swing of the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise and what better way to honor it than release a new...


 2016-05-23  56m

Episode 015 - Divided We Fall

What We Don't Agree On It is absolutely crazy how many of you have submitted this topic. So many of you want to know what Tristan likes that The Girl does not and vice versa. We go down the list of television shows, movies, books, video games, and so...


 2016-05-17  55m

New Episode Coming Soon! ... Just a little late.

We've been traveling for far too long and one of our hosts is sick. You won't get your episode first thing in the morning like you're used to but we promise it will drop ASAP. Stay tuned!


 2016-05-16  1m

Episode 014 - He Killed My Martha

Captain America: Civil War Review is here! The Girl and Tristan actually went to the theater and saw Captain America: Civil War. As soon as they saw it, they rushed home and started to podcast about it. It's no secret that the Riddell household is a...


 2016-05-09  53m

Episode 013 - Break It's Legs

High Rise review and Dystopian Genre Dissection The Girl and Tristan watched Tom Hiddleston in High Rise over the weekend and boy do they have opinions about. Watching that movie got them thinking about Dystopian Fiction and the Post-Apocalyptic...


 2016-05-02  43m