Build For Tomorrow

This is a show about the unexpected things that shape us, and how we can shape the future. We tell funny, surprising stories about why people once feared the things we love (like the teddy bears and coffee!), and the myths we keep telling ourselves (like how new tech is harming us!), and walk away with lessons that can help turn fear and uncertainty into a path of opportunity. Welcome to Build for Tomorrow, hosted by Jason Feifer. (This show was previously called Pessimists Archive.)

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How to Communicate With the Future

These feel like historic times… so how can we share our wisdom and experiences with future generations? Turns out, it’s really hard! This episode explores why time capsules fail, why almost nothing lasts for thousands of years, why the future may not care about us after all—and why all of that is just fine. Get in touch! Instagram: @heyfeifer Twitter: @heyfeifer Newsletter: To get deals from our sponsors: NordVPN: BetterHelp: BetterHelp...


 2020-11-26  46m

The Most Important Podcast of Our Lifetime!

If you’ve ever voted in an election, watched the Bachelor, or worried about the end of days, then you’ve probably fallen for a specific rhetorical trick. In this episode, we explore the history of the phrase “the most important election of our lifetime,” and why the human brain is so UNIQUELY, INSANELY, OUTRAGEOUSLY(!!!) susceptible to hyperbole. Get in touch! Web: Email. Twitter / Instagram: @heyfeifer Thanks to our sponsors: Betterhelp: BetterHelp...


 2020-10-29  49m

224 Years of Election Hacking

We have a clear narrative about the 2016 and 2020 election hacking: It’s social media’s fault. But Russia has used the same strategy against America for 100 years (and that’s just the start). If we treat this like it’s only a Facebook problem, then we’ll never truly protect our elections. This is the history of election hacking in America, and the repercussions of calling something “unprecedented” when it’s not. Get in touch! Web: Email. jasonfeifer@gmail...


 2020-09-24  44m

Your Fork Is A Sign That You Think For Yourself

The fork isn’t just a tool for eating. It’s also one of the greatest symbols of individualism — a utensil that people opposed for thousands of years, and that only gained acceptance once we started thinking differently about ourselves. This is the story of how the fork shaped us. Get in touch! Web: Email. Twitter / Instagram: @heyfeifer Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


 2020-08-28  40m

Introducing Wild Wild Tech

Hear the most bizarre stories about how technology is shaping culture on Wild Wild Tech: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


 2020-08-05  9m

What Will We Fear Next?

Covid changed many people’s relationship with tec…


 2020-07-30  51m

Why New Technology Always Seems Scary

People said radio was too addictive... then TV was too addictive... and now smartphones are too addictive! Why does every generation say the same things about its new technology (and why do our fears rarely come true?) In this episode, we dive into the fascinating research that explains our cycles of panic — and explain how to finally end it. Get in touch! Web: Email. Twitter / Instagram: @heyfeifer Thanks to our sponsors:  plume...


 2020-07-30  53m

The Mystery of the Shared Earbuds

What does it take for two different people to fin…


 2020-06-25  46m

Why We Hate Being Told What To Do

People are refusing to wear masks during a pandem…


 2020-05-28  44m

The Good That Comes From A Pandemic

Covid-19 will have its benefits


 2020-05-01  49m