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Pretty Pretty Podcast connects us to our complexity and humanity in the most beautiful, inspiring and useful way. Hosted by The New York Times' leader on manifesting your dreams, Life Coach and neuroplasticity pioneer, Courtney Love Gavin candidly discusses what we're all thinking inside our human brains but don't dare say out loud. A subversive podcast in a world that wants us to be perfect, polished drones who perpetuate the status quo. With relatable stories, cutting-edge research in neuroscience and practical tips this Pretty Pretty Podcast proves Your Limit Does Not Exist.

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episode 60: Clearing Your Emotional Coding

Magic School Bus x Mean Girls Special Episode! By learning the skills to not only deal with emotions, but heal from them and clear your emotional coding, you become powerful. This episode will show you how to clear your emotional coding, make space for new experiences and start traveling light through life. Connect with the truth of who you are on an Awaken Session with CLG. Book yours here:



episode 59: Your Inner Authority

Your Inner Authority is the most unique and powerful tool that each of us has inside. Learn exactly how you can connect to your inner knowingness, use your intuition to your advantage and how to discern between fear vs your inner voice. The answers you're looking for are inside you, uncover them all on an Awaken Session with CLG. Apply for yours here:



episode 58: Basic B!tch Believing

How to get your beliefs into the doubt-free zone that feels like a doubling down of confidence. A full-body KNOWING that feels effortless. Go from basic b*tch believing to KNOWING all the possibilities in your life. on an Awaken Session with CLG. Apply for yours here:



episode 57: it's the wizard, not the wand

Over achievers spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect job, the right method, their next win and seeking a solution outside of themselves. In this episode we're digging into why, how this shows up and how to believe in the cells of your being you ARE the wizard who knows how to activate the art of being yourself. Like these vibes? Come connect with me on IG @courtneylovegavin. To learn about working together, head to



episode 56: Calling BS on Busy

Saying you’re busy, is a sign that your life is controlling you instead of you controlling your life. This episode reveals busy for what it really is, what's underneath your flavor of busy and key questions to ask to get clear on your priorities. Wake up to all possibilities in your life, book your Awaken Session with Courtney Love Gavin today:



episode 55: Shopping For YOUR Best Beliefs

Make changing your beliefs as easy as changing your clothes! I'm giving you the tools for permanently changing your beliefs. Learn how to be selective about your beliefs and where to purchase the best thoughts available to you.


 2021-08-18  17m

episode 54: Being SEEN

Why being seen is the future and making yourself visible is asinine. Plus the real story of what identity I let go of + what I chose to step into + how Charlize Theron helped me along the way.


 2021-08-14  14m

episode 53: Master Yo Self: Self-Mastery Simplified

The art of being yourself is a skill and a practice. The 7 key areas of Self-Mastery simplified and how to gauge whether you have a low, moderate or high level of mastery. Powerful change requires a powerful conversation that happens on every Awaken Session. Book your Awaken Session here:


 2021-08-04  17m

episode 52: How To Create More Time

This simple tool will help you create more time and take control over your time. To get on my calendar for your very own 1:1 call with me go to


 2021-06-30  18m

episode 51: High Performing Procrastination + Procrastivity

The 5 reasons why we procrastinate and a simple solution for each one. How procrastination disguises itself as productivity: Procrasti-cleaning, procrastivity and procrasti-learning. Click here to schedule your call:


 2021-06-23  21m