The Get: Finding And Keeping The Best Marketing Leaders in B2B SaaS

For our fifth season, we're focused on one theme: the relationship between CMOs and their Boards. For many CMOs, interacting with the board ranks right up there with having a root canal. But what if you could take the CMO and Board relationship and turn it from fraught to functional…. and maybe even to fantastic? We examine things like: What does the Board really want from a CMO? Which marketing metrics matter most to the Board? What are rookie mistakes that new CMOs can make when interacting with a Board? How can CMOs differentiate themselves when interviewing with the Board? We hear from a combination of CMOs and Board members, and some who are both. Join me, Erica Seidel, for The Get. You will learn a ton. The Get is a production of The Connective Good, the executive search practice focusing exclusively on recruiting the 'make money' type of marketing leaders rather than the 'make it pretty' ones. To learn more, visit The Get is produced by Simpler Media Productions.This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: OP3 - -

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episode 7: The CMO and Board Relationship in B2B SaaS: From Fraught to Functional to Fantastic (Highlights from Season 5 of The Get)

Erica Seidel, the host of The Get, provides an overview of the key themes from this season. Erica runs The Connective Good, the executive search practice that specializes in placing CMOs and VPs of Marketing for B2B SaaS companies. She is known for recruiting the ‘make money’ type of marketing leaders, not the ‘make it pretty’ ones. 

This episode serves as an executive summary of the learnings from our fifth season, which has focused on the CMO and Board relationship...


 June 29, 2023  30m

episode 6: How To Be The CMO Who Gets Tapped For Board Seats

Sandra Lopez is a marketing dynamo who has been in marketing leadership and general management roles in many of the world's biggest and most influential tech companies, like Adobe, Intel, and Microsoft. She recently served as co-chair for the World Economic Forum for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Junior Achievement USA and PureRED, she's an advisor for Cabra Sports, and she is the co-chair for Sports Integrity Global Alliance...


 June 15, 2023  35m

episode 5: Building a Win-Win Relationship With Your Board

A good CMO/Board relationship entails both giving and getting. Elana Anderson talks about putting Board members at the center of marketing initiatives by making bold asks of the Board to add value to customers and prospects. She also talks about the anatomy of a successful CMO/Board interview.

Elana Anderson has been the CMO for Veracode, Vidyo, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. She reflects on her experiences interacting with Boards at public versus private companies...


 June 1, 2023  33m

episode 4: How To Wow Your Board Members… Even The Ones That Don't Get Marketing

Hear two SaaS marketing leaders from PE-backed companies discuss their hard-won learnings on working with Boards...


 May 11, 2023  37m

episode 3: How The Best CMOs Connect With Investors: The Power of Partnership

Listen to the honest dialogue between a CMO and her Board member, who have managed to forge a fruitful partnership together. Jen Pockell Dimas is Chief Marketing and Experience Officer for Telarus, the global technology solutions brokerage. Evan DeCorte from Columbia Capital is a Telarus Board member...


 April 27, 2023  34m

episode 2: How To Avoid Guesswork And Embarrassment When Interacting with Your Board

Chris Fountain is an Operating Partner with Frontier Growth, the PE firm that invests in B2B SaaS companies in scale-up mode. He has been a GTM leader, a CEO, and a Board member. In his role, he collaborates with multiple CEOs and CMOs both inside and outside of the Boardroom...


 April 13, 2023  28m

episode 1: The Savvy CMO's Guide to Upgrading the Dialogue with the Board

Kelly Ford Buckley has a career many CMOs dream of: She is a marketing leader who became an investment partner, developing a platform to accelerate and scale growth across Edison Partners' portfolio of companies. She then broadened her role into general partner and COO for the firm. Since she's been in the marketing leadership seat and she's been on several Boards, she is uniquely qualified to talk about the bridge between CMOs and their Boards...


 March 30, 2023  31m

The Get Season Five

 Hello, and welcome back to The Get. The Get is here to drive smart decisions around recruiting and leadership in B2B SaaS marketing. We explore the trends, tribulations, and triumphs of today’s top marketing leaders in B2B SaaS. I'm your host, Erica Seidel. 

This is our fifth season! And in this season, we dive into the relationship between CMOs and Boards...


 March 19, 2023  2m

episode 9: How The Best CMOs Solve for the Scale Journey in B2B SaaS: Top 10 Lessons

This season on The Get podcast, we have stayed close to the theme 'Solving for the Scale Journey.' We have talked with marketing leaders who have scaled… and, in one case someone on the investor side who hires marketing leaders for scale-ups. We've looked at different dimensions around scaling: Hiring. Budgeting. Aligning with the Board. Getting the balance of brand and demand right. Balancing aspirational goals with achievable goals. 

Obviously, every scale journey is different...


 May 12, 2022  18m

episode 8: Upgrading From Incremental Growth to Transformational Growth

Sydney Sloan is a scale savant! I talked with Sydney as she wrapped up her CMO role at Salesloft, contributing to a huge scale-up. She has since joined Zoom as Head of Product & Industry Marketing.

Sydney had so much insight to share. It was hard to pick out just a few highlights. I asked her how a CMO can balance "getting oars in the water quickly" while managing expectations that "Rome wasn't built in a day...


 March 17, 2022  31m