The Greatest Generation

A Star Trek podcast by two guys who are a bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast. After reviewing all of Star Trek: The Next Generation and DS9, we're reviewing Star Trek: Voyager from beginning to end. Check out The Greatest Discovery, our spinoff about all the new Star Trek series!

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episode 376: Local Backzip (VOY S2E9)

When Commander Chakotay gets caught flashing back on an away mission, we can’t help but look for clip show devices that aren’t there. But when the inhabitants of the planet turn out to be familiar to his family, Chakotay will have to get over his daddy issues to save the crew. What’s the wash-out rate at Starfleet Academy? Are phasers useless against birds? Can P1’s affect show canon? It’s the episode that accidentally gets it right!


 2021-07-26  1h11m

episode 375: The Dark Side of the Golden Rule (VOY S2E8)

When the Captain's stress pushes her into a coffee-only diet, the transporter chief is relieved when the Doc prescribes some R&R. But when the kids from her holonovel start haunting the ship, it might be 25th Amendment time for President Janeway...


 2021-07-19  1h15m

episode 374: Blowoff Transference (VOY S2E7)

When Neelix and Tom Paris are fighting, television law stipulates they must be forced into a close-quarters mission together. But when their shuttle crashes on a planet with a rough exterior, it’ll be up to Neelix to make something out of what’s left over. How many words do you know? What’s the best musical instrument for a bum-out? Did someone forget to fry the puppet? It’s the episode that’s harder to pull off than the average home viewer might realize!


 2021-07-12  1h8m

episode 373: “Tax Documents” (VOY S2E6)

When Kes’s second birthday party gets interrupted by another nebula, it honestly comes as a shock that the thing that gets messed up isn’t the holodeck. But when the crew keep running into Lieutenant Baxter in the ship’s labyrinthine hallways, they start making beret face. What’s the legal drinking age for Ocampa? Does saying, ‘ahh!’ count as a speaking part? What character on the show has the most Garbage Pail Kid name? It’s an episode with a…significant…comment from Adam Pranica.


 2021-07-05  1h14m

episode 372: Impulse Champagne (VOY S2E5)

When Ensign Kim wakes up in a strange bed, his day begins like many others. But when his sense of reality is challenged by the owner of a coffee shop, he’ll have to decide whether or not to leave the Delaney sisters behind forever. What happens to un-spent sexual equity? Why not use the entire Star Trek buffalo? Where do you even buy a changing partition? It’s the episode that’s so full of good ideas, it might break Star Trek.


 2021-06-28  1h30m

episode 371: My Neck, My Back, My Reproductive Sack (VOY S2E4)

When Kes’s body start’s reacting to the presence of horny aliens trying to bang the ship, Neelix tries to make the situation all about himself. But when the Okampa goes through premature puberty, the implications of fraternization among the crew start to become a pressing matter. Why aren’t we checking for nubbins? Who’s taking the odds of Ensign Wildman surviving this experience? Why does Neelix wear so many layers? It’s the episode we recorded while standing up in a closet with a sailor.


 2021-06-21  1h24m

episode 370: Bad Hire (VOY S2E3)

When Doc Holoday wakes up to an empty ship, his workload increases dramatically. But when Lt. Barclay appears, the doctor must choose between accepting his circumstances as real, or trusting the worst possible person imaginable to be his reality sherpa. Are fry pans a renewable resource? Who would put Barclay in charge of anything? How hard would it be to live in a charade forever? It’s the episode that’s escapes the haunted house the first try!


 2021-06-14  57m

episode 369: Who You Callin’ Ogla? (VOY S2E2)

When Chakotay is taken prisoner for abducting a 13 year old, the punishment seems like it might be worse than the crime. But when a trail of starship wreckage leads the Voyager to him, they’ll come dangerously close to allying with Kazon in the process of conducting their rescue...


 2021-06-07  1h25m

episode 368: Tasteful Ship Nudes (VOY S2E1)

When the Voyager crew thaws out some people they’ve found in a Delta Quadrant cryogenic chamber, it turns out they’re just as far from home as the crew is. But once they meet the other inhabitants of the planet, everybody begins to warm up to the idea of staying there for good. Does Voyager have enough landing struts? What is Tuvok’s job? Is there any on-set jargon unknown to us? It’s the episode that will result in the total destruction of your worldview!


 2021-05-31  1h10m

episode 367: Lower Dorks (VOY S1E15)

When a Maquis crewman pulls a rotten gelpack out of a wall, Tuvok takes great umbrage with his can-do attitude. But when the captain decides that attitude needs an adjustment, it will be the Vulcan security chief’s job to bring a rabble up to lower deck level. What about going to a chip way to ship? How does one deal with butt sweat on an away mission? What could disappoint Neelix more than having his lungs removed? It’s the episode where we finally realize this is our job now


 2021-05-24  1h11m