The Greatest Generation

A Star Trek podcast by two guys who are a bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast. After reviewing all of Star Trek: The Next Generation, we're reviewing Star Trek: Deep Space Nine from beginning to end. Check out The Greatest Discovery, our spinoff about all the new Star Trek series!

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episode 334: The Klingon Jukebox Doesn’t Take Quarters (DS9 S7E8)

When the Little D does a supply drop at a Federation forward operating base, they get more frontline action than they bargained for. But when their position is about to be overrun, Sisko hatches a plan to hoist the Jem’Hadar on their own Jem’Petards. Why isn’t Quark wearing cargo pants? How close is AR-558 to LV-426? How do you get cauliflower ear-energy? It’s the episode that likes the free, fresh wind in its hair...


 2020-10-05  1h14m

episode 333: All Sparks, No Girders (DS9 S7E7)

When a beloved hero returns to DS9, Worf is asked to put him in a work placement program. But when Martok’s grudge-holding comes up against Kor’s advanced age, their conflict puts an important mission between a rock and a Dahar’d place. Do we need to check our glory privilege? Did Worf write this episode? What ever happened to real drinks? It’s the episode where we shoot our shot!


 2020-09-28  59m

episode 332: Lethal Minestrone (DS9 S7E6)

When a defector from the Dominion tricks Odo into giving him a ride, the constable will have to learn new techniques for killing ticks. But when O’Brien relies on Nog to source starship parts, you won’t believe which character winds up flipping the kayak...


 2020-09-21  1h9m

episode 331: Amish Makeover (DS9 S7E5)

When the Unexpected X-Men appear on DS9, Dr. Bashir pivots his surgical practice into speech therapy. But when he ends up losing patience with his patient, we understand why the heart isn’t his specialty. Are all barbershop quartets graded pass/fail? How many dates does it take before Risa is on the table? Which is Dr. Bashir’s favorite Scorsese film? It’s the episode that restores a level of Nog Equilibrium!


 2020-09-14  1h25m

episode 330: Break The Internet, T’Kumbra (DS9 S7E4)

When a segregationist Vulcan challenges Ben Sisko to a test of skills, it ruins the rest of his time in Starfleet Academy. But when Solok returns and proposes a new Louisville Slugger-measuring contest, the Deep Space Nine crew will face their most formidable opponents yet...


 2020-09-07  1h3m

episode 329: Covered in Talc (DS9 S7E3)

When Ezri Dax has a run-in with Worf, the crew of DS9 begins to wonder who will counsel the counselor. But when Garak fills up her appointment book, she’ll have to decide if the billable hours are worth it. What’s the name of the place where a tailor works? Does For Some Reason Jake finally have a chance with a love interest? How absorbent is a therapist’s couch? It’s the episode that has two doorbells!


 2020-08-31  1h8m

episode 328: Coincidentally Ankylosaured (DS9 S7E2)

When the Dax symbiont’s new hosts invites herself on the Sisko family road trip, she gets more than the spiritual guidance she bargained for. But when The Sisko starts flashing back to the 50’s, he has to decide whether his medium is paint or pencil. How does Sisko decide what is and isn’t the will of the Prophets? Who would win in a game of chicken, Kira or Beltbuckle? Has Odo gotten to second base yet? It’s the episode with hosts who seem a little too chill for war...


 2020-08-24  1h21m

episode 327: Trill Wills (DS9 S7E1)

When Captain Sisko gets a new job, the hours are almost murder. But when his father’s shady past is unearthed, an impromptu family vacation is suddenly on the menu. How long does it take to recover from a lethal break-up? What’s the deal with a mesh bar? Is that table a Founder? It’s the episode that proves we’re not that kind of nerd!


 2020-08-17  1h19m

episode 326: The Brown Eye to Cardassia Prime (DS9 S6E26)

When the stores on DS9 start stocking the shelves for the Gratitude Festival earlier and earlier every year, only a big confrontation between the Pah Wraiths and the Prophets can set things straight. But when The Sisko’s mission to savagely thrust into the very heart of the Dominion comes in conflict with the will of the prophets, he’ll have to defy them to keep his pips...


 2020-08-10  1h28m

episode 325: This Charm is a Bucket (DS9 S6E25)

When the captain of a Federation ship crash lands on a distant planet, it’s up to the Little D to truck it out there on a rescue mission. But when there’s a long way to go and a short time to get there, no one is sure if they will make it in time to save her life. What do we do about our unchecked boxes? Why do felons have bridge privileges? Which sets are the wet sets? It’s the episode that ends MaxFunDrive 2020!


 2020-08-03  1h3m