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episode 3022: Sleeping with the Guests

Over the years we’ve had thousands of attractive folks on the podcast, people we’ve had great chemistry with, and others who when we met, it was murder. - Since we get so intimate with the guests, one of the most common questions we get asked is: “did...


 2022-04-20  1h24m

episode 3021: I’m 50 and I Like to Kick

Today we’re celebrating Fausto Fernós’ birthday, my handsome co-host and husband, who along with me created one of the first podcasts in history 17 years ago. We’re taking a look at Fausto’s life as a Puerto Rican drag queen, stilt-walker,


 2022-04-12  59m

episode 3020: Irene Tu: We’re Done Now

Today Irene Tu, who describes themselves as as a Lesbian Larry David, joins us to talk about her new comedy album, “We’re Done Now.” - Listen as we chat with Irene about why she describes her fashion style as inherently gay,


 2022-04-12  49m

episode 3019: Spencer Day Celebrates Broadway Musicals

Musician Spencer Day didn’t know what to expect when he found himself in Mexico at the onset of the Covid pandemic. With nowhere to perform live, Spencer suddenly had the time to explore music he loves- Broadway Showtunes. -


 2022-04-12  53m

episode 3018: Muscle Nerds - Kevin Giezy, the Singing Bodybuilder

At the gym, we all come together to build muscle, get in touch with our bodies and be our best selves. Gay or straight, bi or bi-curious, for those who are into bodybuilding, it’s a thrill to see a jacked-up beast flex their muscles,


 2022-04-06  58m

episode 3017: Superhero Muscle - Joe Miksan

For many folks who are passionate about building muscle, they found their first inspirations in comic book superheroes. The jacked icons captured our imagination with the dream of being big and strong while making the world a better place for everyone....


 2022-03-30  1h0m

episode 3016: Winning an Oscar Will Make You Slap Someone

Today we’re talking about the highs, the lows and the blows of this year's Oscars ceremonies with comedian Matt Brown, who claims Jessica Chastain has his Oscar because the role of Tammy Faye will always be his. -


 2022-03-29  54m

episode 3015: From Ukraine with Love

We got 80s Cold War vibes when Russia invaded Ukraine. Memories of MTV videos of Nena’s 99 Red Balloons that caused a nuclear holocaust or Elton John wooing a Russian border guard named Nikita came flooding back. -


 2022-03-22  1h18m

episode 3014: BenDeLaCreme is Looking For Love

Although comedian BenDeLaCreme is happy in a long term relationship, her onstage persona is horny and ready to lay out the incense, wine and candles for a very freaky scene. Yeow. - Today, the White Out bandit BenDeLaCreme joins us to look at dating a...


 2022-03-16  33m

episode 3013: Eartha & Kitt: A Daughter's Love Story in Black and White

Onstage, Eartha Kitt was as Orson Wells called her, “The Most Exciting Woman in the World” but the one thing Eartha really wanted in life, after suffering an abusive upbringing in the South, was to be a mother. -


 2022-02-22  1h26m