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episode 13: Bowen Yang Was Fooled by Grey's Anatomy

Bowen Yang drops by the studio to talk to Tobin and Kathy about Sandra Oh, Saturday Night Live, and bad representation. — Bowen Yang is a comedian, producer, and formerly mediocre chemistry major based in Brooklyn, NY. He co-hosts the podcast, Las Cultur



episode 12: Coming Out, Coming Forward

When he was a young teenager, Luke realized he had to speak up—about who he was and what had happened to him. (Warning: this episode discusses childhood sexual assault.) — Radio Rookies is a New York Public Radio initiative that provides teenagers with t



episode 11: X & Y

This week, Nancy is featuring an episode of Radiolab Presents: Gonads. A lot of us understand biological sex with a pretty fateful underpinning: if you’re born with XX chromosomes, you’re female; if you’re born with XY chromosomes, you’re male. But it tu



episode 10: I've Been Meaning to Tell You...

We asked you to share with us the things you've been meaning to tell someone. This is what happened next. To see some of the tips and advice from the episode, or if you want to join our "I've Been Meaning To Tell You..." project, head to



episode 9: Alexandra Billings Won't Stay Quiet Anymore

Alexandra Billings, who plays Davina on Transparent, says she believes Jeffrey Tambor's accusers — and feels complicit for not speaking up earlier. — Alexandra Billings is an actor and singer. She recently appeared on Broadway in the comedy The Nap. (Ale



episode 8: Jill Soloway's 'Transparent' Reckoning

Transparent creator Jill Soloway on the allegations against Jeffrey Tambor and what's next for the groundbreaking Amazon series. — Jill Soloway is the creator and executive producer of Transparent. Their new book is called She Wants It: Desire, Power, an


 2018-11-12  24m

episode 7: Emma Gonzalez Wants You to Vote

Midterm elections are coming up, and March For Our Lives activists Emma Gonzalez and Bria Smith traveled the country registering voters. — Emma Gonzalez is an activist and advocate with March For Our Lives. — Bria Smith is an activist and advocate with M


 2018-11-05  25m

episode 6: Definitely, Maybe

To win in Massachusetts, trans activists have adopted a counterintuitive strategy: leaning into the worst things their opponents say about them. — Dee Rogers (she/her) is a volunteer for the Yes on 3 campaign in Massachusetts. — Kasey Suffredini (he/him)


 2018-10-29  27m

We Can't Be Erased

It's been a tough week of news, and we asked our trans and gender non-conforming listeners: What do you want cisgender people to know? If you, or someone you know, are looking for resources (or for organizations to donate to), consider these ones: — Tran


 2018-10-26  n/a

episode 5: The First Queer Woman in Congress

Note: As we were setting this episode to "publish," news came down about the Trump administration’s push to narrow the definition of gender and essentially erasing trans people. It’s fucked up. We are currently working on an episode about trans rights an


 2018-10-22  36m