Into The Portal

Myths | Legends | History A podcast dedicated to all things Lost, Unexplained and Straight Up Strange. From ancient lost cities to paranormal phenomena and legendary creatures, Into the Portal is your gateway to the bizarre. Join Hosts Amber Rae and Andrew McKay as they approach topics you have never heard before, taking an in depth look through an alternate lens… To the other side of the portal.

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episode 26: Ancient Explorers: The Irish Connection

So many explorers have fallen through the cracks of history, shunned away into the dark places that lie somewhere between reality an myth. The tales of early Irish Christians spoke of one such man name St. Brendan, who sailed the North Atlantic establi...


 2018-07-23  1h13m

episode 27: The Maury Island Incident

In 1947 there were a series of bizarre encounters with Unidentified Flying Objects across the United States. Roswell, New Mexico became a household name. In Washington, a spree of sightings would unfold bringing to the modern world the concept of the ‘...


 2018-07-30  1h19m

episode 28: UFO Encounters: Vallée and Trace Evidence

The UFO phenomena is an incredibly dense and complex subject, one that often leaves us with more questions than answers. In some unique cases, we are left with material traces from close encounters with the unknown. Join Into The Portal as we explore s...


 2018-08-06  2h2m

episode 29: Alien Big Cats

Since the 1800's there have been stories of massive predatory cats roaming the forest lands of the Australian outback. And even earlier indigenous folklore told of creatures such as the Yarri, a dangerous marsupial cat that perhaps once inhabited mount...


 2018-08-13  1h33m

episode 30: Alien Big Cats Bonus

In this bonus episode Into The Portal investigates additional evidence, theories and revelations surrounding the unusual sightings of large predatory cats in Australia.


 2018-08-17  42m

episode 31: The Lost Colony

The enduring American mystery of Roanoke and its vanished inhabitants remains unsolved to this day and has become an pivotal, intriguing case with clues pulling the search in many different directions. Join us on Into The Portal for an all new adventur...


 2018-08-20  1h1m

episode 32: The Lost Colony: Part II

Part II of The Lost Colony takes a look at some of the predominant theories surrounding the vanishing of the Roanoke Colonists.  Special thanks to [Historical Blindness]( for putting together an awesome comprehensive...


 2018-08-27  1h30m

episode 33: Spirit of the North

The Wendigo has a long and terrifying history in the culture of the Algonquin peoples whose nations stretch from the Eastern Seaboard to the Western Prairies through the Great Lakes as far south as Virginia. The Wendigo is known as the dangerous spi...


 2018-09-10  1h48m

episode 34: The Beast of Gevaudan

A scourge settled upon the people of Gevaudan in the summer of 1764\. A ferocious beast of unknown type, coming from who knows where, attacking the human species, killing individuals, drinking their blood, feasting on their flesh, and multiplying its c...


 2018-09-17  1h31m

episode 35: The Good-Luck Man

The search for an elixir of life is common across mythologies around the world throughout history, with many stories claiming the type extreme longevity found only amongst those between gods and men. However some stories are more compelling than others...


 2018-09-24  1h22m