A boozy weekly podcast about mythology, legends and folklore. Hear fresh takes on classic myths and learn new stories from around the world, served up over ice by two tipsy history geeks.


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Episode 18: South African Rain Queens

We feel a storm coming! Find out what the X-Men, tempests, and royal succession debates have in common as we learn about the Modjadji, the long line of queens ruling the Balobedu people of South Africa’s Limpopo Province. Politics is fun when it’s...


 2016-09-28  22m

Episode 17: Stonehenge (with Lauren Shippen)

Across the misty moors of Wales and England, we stumble across the Druids' most mysterious landmark: Stonehenge. Follow us into the shadowed origins of this ancient formation and speculate with us about its purpose. Special guest Lauren Shippen,...


 2016-09-14  37m

Episode 16: Bird Ladies of Russia

Who knew Russian mythology includes so many half-bird, half-woman creatures?! They run the gamut from prophets to sirens to companions for very emo hunters. Plus: inexplicable boobs galore! If you like Spirits, help us grow by spreading the word!...


 2016-08-31  29m

Episode 15: Maui

Before you see Disney’s upcoming movie Moana, learn all about the badass demigod Maui, origin stories of the Pacific Islands, and very human mythological metaphors of Polynesia and Hawaii. The sun is a pigeon, the matriarchy wins, and we meet the...


 2016-08-17  28m

Episode 14: Ghosts of Orlando (with Matt A.)

Something is in the water. Follow us down a one-lane road through hills and swamps to uncover the mysteries of Cassadaga, Florida. Special guest Matt tells us all about his first-hand experience with this classic Orlando urban legend, plus the...


 2016-08-03  30m

Episode 13: Chinese Demonology

Dive with us into the treacherous waters of Chinese Demonology, where giant clam monsters and sea serpents lurk. We encounter everything from zombies, to Pokemon Go, to monkeys creepier than your childhood Furby. Enjoy this quick tour of the bad, the...


 2016-07-20  28m

Episode 12: Erzulies and Haitian Voodoo

Feel the love as we explore Haitian Voodoo and its unique family of love spirits, the Erzulie. We look at three Erzulie who specialize in romantic love, motherly love, and love gone wrong. Plus, more about Amanda’s and Julia’s eclectic...


 2016-07-06  23m

Episode 11: Golem (with Eric Silver)

Kicking it old school in Dark Age Eastern Europe this week with special guest Eric Silver! We missed out on the manischewitz, but we have lots of Jewish lore, Yiddish insults, and pop culture references for you to enjoy. Find Eric on Twitter...


 2016-06-22  31m

Episode 10: Norse Mythology Part II - Ragnarok

Break out the REM karaoke, because it's the end of the world as the Norse gods know it. Hear all about Ragnarok, apocalypse, rebirth, and more fantasy book/movie/TV references than even we can handle. If you like Spirits, help us grow by...


 2016-06-08  17m

Episode 9: Norse Mythology Part I

Follow us into Asgard and beyond with our crash course on Norse mythology! Thor, Loki and Odin are just the beginning. Plus, stick around to the end for a 'Spirits' first. If you like Spirits, help us grow by spreading the word! Follow us on...


 2016-05-25  29m