Too Many Podcasts! (Exploring podcasts w/ Jim the Podcast Sherpa)

It's the podcast about podcasts...and more! Welcome to The Sherpa Chalet, where I'll help you find podcasts and grow your podcast playlist by interviewing podcasters, artists, and interesting people, recommending podcasts, and telling bad jokes! I'm your podcast Sherpa! Connect with me at or my website , . Listen, subscribe, review, spread the word, and make this your 6th favorite podcast! (Keeping the pressure off here...) Follow the show @sherpalution on Facebook, Instagram, X, and Tik-Tok! #VivaLaSherplution!

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episode 13: Don't Touch That Dial!(?)It's Gregory Joseph, of "The Mean Machine Radio Show"!!

Gregory has so many more stories, so we've barely scratched the surface in this interview. But what a super nice guy! He really wants his show to be a voice for the voiceless, so there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Especially while you're having fun along the way! Thanks for coming on the show...



episode 12: Drop and Give Me 25 (Minutes)! It's a chat with Ana of the "GBBA" podcast!!!

Not your typical personal trainer interview, I promise! Ana has led a verrrrry interesting life so far, so that made the interview so much fun. A listen to her podcast will have you looking and thinking about your physical well-being in a new way! (Finally, I can stop drinking pickle juice? Not that anyone advised me to....) Anyway, have a listen to a fun and inspiring chat. Thanks for coming on the show, Ana!

Ana's info: Facebook:



episode 11: Soap Operas! Cartoons! Theatre! It's a few of the "Lifeslices with Steve Fisher"!!

Another fun interview here, Rebels. Steve was a real treat to interview. He's certainly led an interesting life, and he gets to continue it with a podcast featuring interesting people. I like the notion of having close access to exiting the country, too. (Of course, I might have to keep it a secret from the citizens of Mount Podcastia... I still need my "Corn Chips of the Month", you know...



episode 10: It's Julie Marty-Pearson of "The Story of My Pet" podcast! (AKA The Sherpa Gets De-Wormed!)

I'm off the leash!! I don't really get the chance to discuss pets on the show, so Julie was the ideal guest. She really shed a lot of light on animal fostering and adoption, as well as what goes on in shelters. So please check out "The Story of My Pet" podcast, or if you have your own idea for a show, check out her podcasting show," Podcast Your Story Now". (I'm thinking "Amazing Yak Stories"......



episode 9: ASMR! BTS! WWE! All in The Sherpa's Alphabet soup!

Apologies for the SEO experiment, Rebels...


 March 13, 2024  20m

episode 8: Good News! It's the return of Content Creator, Deanne Gustafson!

If you check a recent "Sherpa Selects", you'll hear the original interview that Deanne and I did in 2019. I think it's great that she has been able to parlay her talents into this new venture. But you'll see , 5 years (and another child) later, she's still a lot of fun, and she still presents a realistic version of what she does. For the record, I'm not that great on TikTok...


 March 6, 2024  27m

episode 7: Pizza, Pop Culture, & Publishing: A Chat with Author Jonathan Rosen!

Jonathan's info: Website: www.houseofrosen...


 February 28, 2024  37m

episode 6: Parks McGregor ("Crossman Productions") on Inspiration and REALLY long walks!!

Here's a podcaster who will bring you some inspiring stories! He might not have walked from Illinois to Texas, but imagine the shoe ad he could have done, if he did? Parks has some interesting tales to tale on his path to his podcast, so have a listen! Thanks for coming on the show, parks!

Parks' info: Parks' Linktree page, with all of his links:, Facebook: @parks...


 February 21, 2024  38m

episode 5: The Sherpa Screening Room: Lord Mr. Bruce (Goldberg) Returns! (Pt 2)

    It's the conclusion of my conversation with Lord Mr. Bruce. We did veer off a bit into a political discussion, but I edited out a portion, because I don't want listeners commenting about my guests' politics, whether they agree or not. (But, truth be told, I finally convinced him he couldn't vote for Martin Van Buren,anyway...) But we veered into even more topics, which was ultimately ended by a phone call. (I hope it wasn't those auto warranty people...


 February 14, 2024  35m

Wanna See A Movie Screening?

    The date: Friday, 2/9/2024 ; The time: arrive before 7 PM EDT; The place: The Plaza Theatre, Atlanta GA. The event: "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" screening, featuring a live appearance from Eddie Deezen

    We haven't done a bonus episode in a while, Rebels, and what a bonus it is! Many thanks to Derek Miner for spending some time in the screening room, with what will be a fun event at the Plaza Theatre!...


 February 8, 2024  38m