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episode 367: Springtime on Normal Island

Riley will add a blurb here If you want access to our Patreon bonus episodes and powerful Discord server, sign up here: We support the London Renters Union, which helps people defeat their slumlords and avoid eviction....



episode 366: *PREVIEW* Medieval Geezers feat. Eleanor Janega and Patrick Wyman

We finally got around to the thing that everyone told us to do: review Guy Ritchie's King Arthur movie, a film in which the early medieval legend is rendered as a tale of East London geezers. To verify its accuracy, we brought on friends of the show Elea...



episode 365: Pop! feat. @theemilyaccount

Algorithm jockey and financial wizard Emily (@theemilyaccount) talks about how the Tech Boom, enabled as it was by overly restrictive monetary and fiscal policy, is starting to come apart at the seams. Was it a bubble? Is it popping? Too early to say, bu...


 2021-03-09  1h23m

episode 363: *PREVIEW* Unionise Amazon (The Democrats Hate This!) feat. Ed Ongweso Jr

We're joined by Ed Ongweso Jr (@bigblackjacobin) of This Machine Kills Podcast (@machinekillspod) to discuss the Fight for $15, the efforts to unionise Amazon facilities in Bessemer, Alabama, the Biden Administration making publicly pro-union statements ...


 2021-03-05  10m

episode 364: *UNLOCKED* Britainology 3: Understanding Home Counties Guys

In this unlocked content, Milo and Nate are on another Britainology, this time with Kent guy Hussein, to discuss the Home Counties and how the deeply cursed world of London suburbia has created an identity of Britishness that you've probably encountered,...


 2021-03-05  1h10m

episode 362: The Line is Bored feat. Matthew Zeitlin

Finance journalist Matthew Zeitlin (@mattzeitlin) joins the gang to discuss the wild and wonderful world of SPACs, which is basically the of company that happens when the Line gets really bored and just wants to feel something. Think of them as loot crat...


 2021-03-02  1h6m

episode 361: *PREVIEW* Britainology 10: Princess Diana (RIP)

It's time once again for Britainology, and this week Milo and Nate are joined by Phoebe Roy (who you have have heard on Masters of Our Domain and 10,000 Posts) to discuss British 9/11. Do we mean 7/7? The 2011 riots? No, we mean the death of the Queen of...


 2021-02-26  10m

episode 360: TF: The College Years feat. Liv Agar

UK state media and its various grotesques have decided that the 'free speech crisis on campus' is more important than our abysmal covid death rate--and pretty much any other story in the media. To discuss this phenomenon, we've brought on friend of the s...


 2021-02-23  1h21m

episode 359: *PREVIEW* Neoliberal Test Kitchens feat. Shanti Singh

We've got Shanti Singh--housing activist, writer, and former Bernie campaign staffer--on to talk about the state of California -- why is it portrayed as such a far-left state, why is it actually so neoliberal, and what happens when its deranged tech lord...


 2021-02-19  10m

episode 358: England’s Other Public Health Crisis feat. Abigail Thorn

Abigail Thorn (@PhilosophyTube) joins the gang to discuss coming out as a trans woman in Britain, and to explore the psychological, historical, and political roots of transphobia. But first, a startup that is nearly whimsical in its stupidity! If you wan...


 2021-02-16  1h20m