Citations Needed

Citations Needed is a podcast about the intersection of media, PR, and power, hosted by Nima Shirazi and Adam Johnson.

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News Brief: The Casual Soft Eugenics of Self-Help "Friendscaping" Content

In this public News Brief, we discuss a recent advice column in the New York Times advocating upwardly mobile professionals dump their fat and depressed friends and how it's part of a much broader trend of pop sociology repackaging cruelty and soft...



Episode 138: Thought-Terminating Enemy Epithets (Part II)

"Oligarch". "Hardliner". "Regime". All common terms seen in Anglo-American media when describing politicians and power structures in official villain states; yet - mysteriously absent when talking about ourselves or our allies. This Part II of our...



Episode 137: Thought-Terminating Enemy Epithets (Part I)

"Hand-picked successor", "firebrand", "proxy" — In Anglo-American media, there are certain Enemy Epithets that are reserved only for Official Enemy States of United States and their leaders, which are rarely, if ever, used to refer to the United...



News Brief: "Organized Crime" "Shoplifting Epidemic" Panic Hits San Francisco Media

In this public News Brief, we take a critical look at a recent wave of sensationalist "organized crime" "shoplifting epidemic" stories in national and Bay Area media and how they fit into a resurgent "Tough on Crime" narrative. We are joined by Fred...



Episode 136: The 'Ungrateful Athlete': Anti-Black, Anti-Labor Currents in Sports Media

"A good, hard working kid." "A 4.0 student." "He's asking for too much money." "They get paid to play a child’s game." "He shows up and does his work and never complains."   Despite the fact that the concept of paying college athletes has...



News Brief: Debunking the 5 Most Common Anti-Palestinian Talking Points

In this public News Brief, we breakdown the most common anti-Palestinian tropes and why they're based on sophistry, ignorance, racism, or some combination of all three.


 2021-05-14  37m

News Brief: How US Media Helped Trump and USAID Weaponize "Aid" During 2019 Venezuela Coup Attempt

In this public News Brief, we recap a recent internal USAID report that details the group's role in Trump's 2019 Venezuela coup attempt, American media cheering on the obvious PR op like trained seals, and break down how Biden's weaponization of "aid"...


 2021-05-12  44m

News Brief: On Palestine, It's Time for Progressives to Stop Reading From the Same Outrage Script & Support BDS

In this News Brief, we breakdown the entirely predictable cycle of media coverage, liberal handwringing, vague "progressive" outrage, and why the most recent "clashes" should compel nominal progressive leaders like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria...


 2021-05-12  21m

News Brief: On Biden's TRIPS Waiver Support, Substance Matters More than Headlines

In this public News Brief, we dissect recent news that the Biden admin backs a TRIPS waiver at the WTO and why the ultimate terms of the agreement matter more than splashy headlines.        


 2021-05-06  22m

News Brief: #VaxLive is a PR Scam So Those Causing Vaccine Inequity Can Pose as Saviors of Global Poor

In this News Brief, we breakdown the anti-TRIPS waiver corporate and ideological forces behind the seemingly good-hearted  concert on May 8th. Namely, the Gates Foundation, Johnson and Johnson and a who's who of global leaders working to prevent...


 2021-04-30  28m