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FOF #2397 – The 400 Pound Menace – 09.27.16

In the most anticipated tv event of the year, Donald Trump faced Hillary Clinton for the first of three general-election presidential debates. Today we take a look at Trump’s new thick and juicy menace- the 400 lb hacker and all the other oddbal[...]


 2016-09-27  49m

FOF #2396 – I’m Not an Evil Queen, I Just Got a Bad Edit – 09.26.16

In an explosive “ru-venge” filled episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, Alyssa Edwards comes back from grave like the Walking Dead to bite Phi Phi O’Hara’s face off. Today, RuPaul’s Drag Race season six fan favorite Vivacious, who was there f[...]


 2016-09-26  1h25m

FOF #2395 – Diary of a Punk Princess – 09.20.16

The punk rock scene of Los Angeles in 1970’s was a complete rejection of the commodification of music and youth culture, but after awhile, it experienced a massive fall out. Today, punk rock royalty Pleasant Gehman, who recently wrote a chapter[...]


 2016-09-20  1h21m

FOF #2394 – What Would a Drag Queen Do? – 09.19.16

When you think like a drag queen, you can overcome just about anything and become a whole new you. You can turn trash into treasure. Today, drag queen expert Jackie Huba joins us to talk about her new book FIERCELY YOU: Be Fabulous and Confident[...]


 2016-09-19  1h11m

FOF #2393 – Alaska Serves Up A Lil’ Poundcake – 09.16.16

All Stars 2 is everything and a bucket of chicken- it takes the world’s favorite drag queen tv show and cranks up the fashion, the lip syncs and the “shade of it all” to epic levels. Today, one of the most loved drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Rac[...]


 2016-09-16  55m

FOF #2392 – Balloon Animal Circus – 09.15.16

It’s hard to make a living in the creative arts- you always find yourself twisting like a balloon animal any skill you got just to survive. Joining us is Jaquée-of-all-trades, Amanda Cohen, who professionally is a comic, but who also does face p[...]


 2016-09-15  1h22m

FOF #2391 – A Conversation with Coco Peru – 09.14.16

One of the most extraordinary and she-larious drag queens we adore is Coco Peru who came of age during New York City’s AIDS crisis in the early 90s and after 25 years is still going strong. Today, we chat with Coco Peru from her mom’s home in Flo[...]


 2016-09-14  1h2m

FOF #2390 – Queer Science – 09.13.16

It’s no secret that LGBT folks have had a profound influence on the arts but they’ve also had a tremendous effect on scientific discovery even though they often had to hide who they were. Today, we are joined by science journalist Vincent Gabrie[...]


 2016-09-13  1h21m

FOF #2389 – A Mysterious Menagerie of Mannequins – 09.12.16

When Mike Martin exquisite works of outsider art went to auction, many of you wrote in, demanding that we get one of his busty mannequins. Miraculously we got one, and she is a beauty! Today, we take a look at Mike Dale Martin’s mysterious men[...]


 2016-09-12  1h3m

FOF #2388 – The Very Special World of DeAundra Peek – 09.07.16

A contemporary of RuPaul and Lady Bunny in Atlanta, DeAundra Peek's cable access show ran for years and although she was loved by many, DeAundra mysteriously disappeared, never to be heard from again, until now. Today, we’re talking to the fabulo[...]


 2016-09-07  1h20m