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FOFA #2090 – Peaches Christ’s Accidental Christmas Movies – 12.15.16

One of the great things about the holiday season are the movies! They provide us the opportunity to celebrate with our friends and family with out actually having to interact with them. But closer to our hearts are films use Christmas as a backdrop [...]


 2016-12-15  1h26m

FOF #2431 – Scott Heierman is a Pretty Bearded Lady – 12.14.16

Not all drag queens are clowns in ball gowns, some are just goofy. Our guest today got her start as a theme park mascot while working at Disneyland as Goofy then went on to become the queen of the judges’ hearts on America’s Got Talent. Today, Sc[...]


 2016-12-14  1h1m

FOF #2430 – WOW! Feast of Fun Wins Best Podcast Award – 12.13.16

A lot of truly awful shit has happened in 2016, but one good thing to come our way is that Feast of Fun won a Wowie! WOW! Joining us to celebrate is comedian Rachel McCartney who has a thing to say about the loud, obnoxious haters who feel like t[...]


 2016-12-13  1h14m

FOF #2429 – As the Bathhouse Turns – 12.12.16

All types of men go to bathhouses for all types of reasons but mainly they go for sex. Today, writer Terrill Aaron Closs puts everyone on blast as he takes us into the belly of the beast and shares with us his stories of working in a gay bathhous[...]


 2016-12-12  47m

FOF #2428 – 12 Days of Fierceness – 12.07.16

You’re probably sick of that awful, repetitive song “The 12 Days of Christmas.” But what if I told you you could use that Christmas carol to turn your chilly holidays into hot season of wild passion. Today we’re turning up the heat by twisting t[...]


 2016-12-07  47m

FOF #2427 – Bubbe’s Holiday Spectacular – 12.06.16

This year Hanukkah lands on Christmas Eve, so which holiday do you celebrate? It’s free, why not both? Today, comedian Meg Grunewald joins us to squeeze the stress ball of Christmas and Hanukkah. Meg has a new show “Home for Hanukkah with Bubbe” [...]


 2016-12-06  49m

FOF #2426 – The Horrors of the Holidays – 12.05.16

For many people, the holiday season is filled with stress and anxiety as we try to fulfill everyone’s expectations of being fucking merry. And with this year’s election it’s been harder than ever to bring peace on earth and goodwill to everyone fuc[...]


 2016-12-05  1h26m

FOF #2425 – The Creation of Dragula – 12.01.16

October may be long gone, but the spirit of Halloween is still going strong in the Boulet Brothers’ new reality web series Dragula. Today, drag terrorists, queer provocateurs, the Boulet Brothers, join us to talk about the making of Dragula: th[...]


 2016-12-01  54m

FOF #2424 – Fanatical Beasts and Where to Find Them – 11.30.16

We thought it'd be a picnic under a Clinton presidency and that Trump’s basket of deplorables would scamper away to lick their wounds, but after Trump’s win, they have become emboldened to unleash their tantrums upon the world. Today, writer Zac[...]


 2016-11-30  57m

FOF #2423 – Saved by Saved by the Bell – 11.29.16

Even though Saved by the Bell went off the air in 1993, it still has a firm grip on popular culture, so much so that sometimes it really does feel like it’s Zach’s world and we are just living in it. Today, Saved By the Bell’s Executive Producer[...]


 2016-11-29  49m