Fell In Love With A Girl: An FC St. Pauli Podcast 7000km Removed

An FC St. Pauli podcast, 7000 kilometres removed from Hamburg! We are the only english language podcast about the best football club in the world. At least as far as we know. We are two Canadians bringing a little bit of Hamburg to the prairies and usually at horrible hours. We'd love to hear from you so please contact us!


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episode 28: MD28: FCSP v. Heidenheim - Diggity

Intro and Before The Whistle: 0:00-8:10 Minute By Minute: 8:12-22:10 Man Of The Match and Discussion: 22:11-40:32 ☠️????⚓️????????⚽️ ????‍☠️



episode 27: MD27: FCSP @ Darmstadt - The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

Intro and Before The Whistle: 0:00-12:09 Minute By Minute: 12:10-24:38 Man Of The Match and Discussion: 24:39-41:09 ☠️????⚓️????????⚽️????‍☠️ -  -  - We love to hear from you! Here's how to contact us: Look for...



episode 26: MD26: FCSP v. Nürnburg - Ghost In The Hell

For better or worse, football is back, so we head back to the mic to discuss the club that we love. Der Club visits the Millerntor, empty of spectators, which is a truly disconcerting experience.  Intro and Before The Whistle: 0:00-13:59 Minute...



Special Episode: Harald Stendar, The Relentless Right Runner, by Joshua R. Duder

Here’s a special episode, courtesy of Joshua R. Duder. He’s a member of our Portland family, a passionate historian, graphic designer and football supporter. His work can be found at Protagonist Soccer where he serves as Assistant Editor and...


 2020-04-02  16m

episode 23: Matchday 23-25: Gone Viral

We emerge from our alternating bouts of illness over the past couple of weeks only to find the rest of the world is succumbing to the COVID-19 virus. Hopefully this episode is a bit of vegan equivalent chicken soup to bring you a bit of comfort....


 2020-03-12  35m

episode 22: MD22: FCSP v. Dynamo Dresden - Punching Nazis is the Middle Ground

why must we always talk about Blockstürms and Bombings? We chat about the home result against Dresden, who we’re missing, who we don’t, and where we go from here. ☠️????⚓️????????⚽️❤️ - - -


 2020-02-20  1h3m

episode 21: MD21: FCSP at Holstein Kiel - The Schmohz

It was the second leg of the Nord Derby. Things went not entirely according to plan for the Boys In Brown. A last minute, mid-length episode on the eve of our home battle against Dynamo Dresden. ☠️????⚓️????????⚽️


 2020-02-14  38m

MD20: FCSP v. VfB Stuttgart - Blitz edition

We don’t want to be your skeezy step dad who promises to take you to the amusement park, and never follow through. We’re going to the amusement park but for only twenty minutes... our first BLITZ! Quick, nasty and probably underwhelming, but...


 2020-02-10  21m

Winterpause Special: A Conversation with Dave Doughman (at the Levi’s Music School)

We sit down with Dave Doughman (Swearing at Motorists) to talk about this journey to Hamburg, and the history and future of the Levi’s Music School. We were also lucky enough to be joined by Nick Davidson, whose company we are always happy to have....


 2020-02-09  45m