comedy show about late stage capitalism fucking our lives up. acct run by @raaleh other cohosts are @HKesvani, @milo_edwards, @inthesedeserts, @AliceAvizandum and friends / line go down!

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episode 7: TRASHPAST (ft. Pierre Novellie)

It's the first Edinburgh episode! Pierre Novellie (@pierrenovellie) joins 2/3 of the garbagemen, Riley (@raaleh) and Milo (@milo_edwards) to talk about the past, which we hear is the new future, as time is a flat circle. We talk nostalgia, erotic illumin...


 2017-08-18  1h26m

episode 6: Tony the Tapeworm (A Sweet and Good Minisode With the "Boys")

MINI-SODE ALERT! FULL 'SODE NEXT WEEK! The Garbagemen Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@milo_edwards), and Charlie (a digital hermit) sat down to discuss a lot of the funniest and best takes on the Hellscape of Late Stage Capitalism (tm), but the internet crapped ...


 2017-08-11  3m

episode 5: It Integrates With Your Current Ass System!

The garbagemen are back and boy do we have a mass noun for ourselves. Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@milo_edwards), and Charlie (who doesn't want to be disturbed #online) talk about more wifi connected bullshit, a butt plug that protects you from avalanches, th...


 2017-08-04  1h2m

episode 4: Cold Chicken Milkshake ft. Dimitri Bakanov

James done dropped the psuedonym and is just going by his Real Christian Name, Riley, from now on (still @raaleh on twitter). Send me nudes rendered entirely in roses to show your gratitude. Milo (@milo_edwards) and Riley (TRIUMPHANTLY HIS OWN NAME) are ...


 2017-07-27  49m

episode 3: The Maze Swimmer (ft. Ahir Shah)

James (twitter @raaleh) and Milo (ig @milo_edwards) are back, joined by Ahir Shah (@AhirShah) in James' girlfriends front room to talk about probably the dumbest invention yet, having sex with c3P0, KFC hype, and the brief but storied reggae career of St...


 2017-07-20  1h14m

episode 2: It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a nerd with a messiah complex!

James (twitter @raaleh) Milo (insta @milo_edwards), and Charlie (twitter @cfppalmer), talk about the wave of megalomania among billionaires, introduce some new characters, and make a serious number of digressions that nearly pre empt us from doing much o...


 2017-07-20  1h1m

episode 1: Amazon Prime Day Got Too Commercial

Comedians James (twitter @raaleh), Milo (insta @milo_edwards), and Charlie (#online on twitter @cfppalmer) assert that they are, collectively, so two thousand and eight, whereas capitalism is so two thousand and late (stage). That joke was very laboured....


 2017-07-20  1h9m