Against The Odds

New episodes come out every Tuesday for free, with 1-week early access for Wondery+ subscribers.Humans are resilient. In our toughest moments, we will fight, we will struggle, and we will triumph...often against the odds. In this immersive series from Wondery, host-adventurers Mike Corey and Cassie De Pecol will share thrilling stories of survival. From the daring rescue of a soccer team trapped in an underwater cave in Thailand, to a woman taken hostage by Somali pirates, these stories made headlines around the world. AGAINST THE ODDS will make you feel as though you’re living these experiences with our heroes as they push themselves to their limits.

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episode 6: Trapped on Mount Hood | Close Calls and Epic Adventures with Peter Stark

On this special episode, survival writer Peter Stark joins host Mike Corey for a wide-spanning conversation about adventure – why we’re drawn to it and how it can push us to the edge. They’ll discuss Stark’s Outside Magazine article Frozen Alive, about what it feels like to succumb to hypothermia, as well as how to deal with risk in the wilderness, and exploring the blank spots on the map. They’ll also swap stories about encounters with deadly mamba snakes in Africa...



episode 5: Trapped on Mount Hood | Aftermath with Ric Conrad

The Mount Hood tragedy remains the second deadliest mountaineering accident in North American history. Growing up in Oregon, Ric Conrad remembers following the developments on the six o’clock news when he was just a few years older than some of the teenage climbers. But it wasn’t until he had his own experience tackling Mount Hood that he decided to investigate more. Ric is the author of Code 1244: The 1986 Mount Hood Tragedy...



Wondery Presents: The Execution of Bonny Lee Bakley

On May 4, 2001, Bonny Lee Bakley was found fatally shot in a car on a dark North Hollywood street. The prime suspect was her husband, famed actor Robert Blake. But Bonny, a longtime con artist, had plenty of enemies. She left behind a trail of men she’d scammed, and she had a volatile relationship with Christian Brando, the troubled son of movie star Marlon Brando.  Not since the O.J. Simpson case had the eyes of the nation been so fixated on a homicide...



episode 4: Trapped on Mount Hood | Discovery

As the search for the missing climbers enters its second day, rescuers redouble their efforts to find the lost students and their adult guides. But the vastness of the search area presents major challenges. Rescue workers and parents face the awful reality that the missing climbers' chances for survival are dwindling rapidly. But then, a crucial discovery gives them hope, and profoundly alters the nature of the search. Listen early and ad free with Wondery+...



episode 3: Trapped on Mount Hood | Search and Rescue

Morning provides no relief for the Oregon Episcopal School climbers trapped without food or water high on Mount Hood. The storm that forced them to take shelter in a snow cave shows no signs of letting up. Two of the climbers embark on a perilous journey to find help, while elite rescuers battle the elements, and confront the terrifying possibility that they could wind up stranded on the mountain as well. Listen early and ad free with Wondery+...



Wondery Presents Persona: The French Deception

Introducing the true crime podcast Persona: The French Deception— the story of Gilbert Chikli, one of the greatest con artists of all time. What does it feel like to pick up the phone and scam someone out of $50 million? Host and award-winning journalist, Evan Ratliff, investigates how Chikli successfully duped some of the world’s most powerful people into handing over their fortunes. He explores how Chikli evaded the law for years and became a Robin Hood-like hero...



episode 2: Trapped on Mount Hood | Considered Lost

With night falling, the student climbers and their adult chaperones must take refuge in a cramped, frigid, and hastily dug snow cave. Their leader, Father Tom Goman, begins to succumb to hypothermia. Meanwhile, search and rescue teams prepare to deploy. But as the storm that first trapped the climbers on Mount Hood rages on, the dire nature of their predicament becomes increasingly apparent. Listen early and ad free with Wondery+...


 2022-05-31  39m

episode 1: Trapped on Mount Hood | Whiteout

In May 1986, a group of high school students and faculty embarked on a journey to the top of Mount Hood, Oregon's tallest mountain. The climb was part of an annual wilderness program, and was usually uneventful. But during this climb, a brutal and massive storm engulfed the mountain, stranding the climbers near the summit, and forcing them into a harrowing battle for survival. Listen early and ad free with Wondery+. Join Wondery+ for exclusives, binges, early access, and ad free listening...


 2022-05-24  50m

episode 5: Meltdown at Fukushima | Ghost Towns with NPR’s Kat Lonsdorf

It’s been more than decade since the meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. But the region is still grappling with the environmental, economic and emotional legacy of the disaster. Evacuations have lifted – but many people still haven’t returned. And what does it mean to reopen a nuclear ghost town? That’s what NPR reporter Kat Lonsdorf wanted to discover when she visited Fukushima in early 2020...


 2022-05-17  40m


Introducing the true crime podcast Badlands— a show that dives deep into the real stories of the famous at their most infamous. Each season, host Jake Brennan, explores the real life crimes and scandalous careers of the world’s most popular cultural figures...


 2022-05-11  5m