Connected is a weekly panel discussion on Apple and the impact of technology on our lives. With each co-host having a unique background — and accent — Connected provides a perspective that no other show can. Hosted by Federico Viticci, Stephen Hackett, and Myke Hurley.

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episode 415: Grab an App From the Basket

Myke flew to America. Federico has reviewed iOS 16. Stephen did some work on his garage.


 2022-09-14  1h27m

episode 414: I am Michael Jordan

This week, the guys cover the news and see how their predictions looked after Apple's "Far Out" event.


 2022-09-08  1h39m

episode 413: The Rickies (September 2022)

Apple is holding an event on September 7, so the Rickies have been called to order.


 2022-09-01  1h43m

episode 412: It's Strong! It's Tough!

Apple has announced an event for September 7th, while also confirming that iPadOS 16 will ship later in the fall. This week, the guys talk through the news, cover the Mac's inclusion in the Self Service Repair Program and explore a new Twitter client.


 2022-08-24  1h25m

episode 411: on my phone ;)

The guys react to their original iPhone App Store purchases after discussing Stephen's M2 MacBook Air review, Federico's feelings about the betas and Myke's love of transparent objects.


 2022-08-18  1h52m

episode 410: For Years We Forgot to Put the Percentage There

Stephen and Myke revisit sleep tracking and discuss the original iPad Keyboard Dock. They also cover changes in iOS 16 Beta 5, the Opal C1 webcam and Amazon's purchase of iRobot.


 2022-08-10  1h18m

episode 409: We're Were We Are Where

Stephen plays the Bad Cop. Federico doesn't know anybody named Tony. Myke has some questions. Apple has an iPadOS problem.


 2022-08-04  1h13m

episode 408: Oh! Tim Cook is in Here, Too!

This week, the guys tour some old Apple Stores, alter some AirPods and think about tracking their sleep.


 2022-07-27  1h8m

episode 407: A Computer Desk With a Bed on Top

Roses are red, Myke's MacBook Air is blue He and Stephen discuss Apple Arcade, Apple TV, YouTube and betas, too.


 2022-07-20  1h14m

episode 406: The iPhone is Touching You Back

M2 MacBook Air reviews are out, as are the 2022 Public Betas. This week, the guys explore both. Myke then pits Stephen, Federico and The Passionate Ones against each other.


 2022-07-14  1h50m